Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Coming Soon: Edited Works

For those who are not yet aware (which may be most of my readership, since I haven't really talked about it here much!) I have released more than just my own works that I myself authored. Some time ago it became clear that there was a relatively large and untapped market for "people who want occult material but want it in paperback, but don't want it poorly made."

Because much of the less expensive occult content on Amazon and elsewhere was composed of (as reviews frequently alluded to) poorly scanned books which were not edited beyond slapping them together in a few hours at most, and because properly made occult texts sometimes run up to 15 dollars just for a simplistic 40 page booklet and up towards 50 dollars or more for a short book (far more if hardcover or leather bound,) I realized that there was an entire category of people being shorted on such material- those who want an attractive but inexpensive final product.

I set out to complete such a work, focusing first on the infamous Red Dragon (generally referred to as the Grand Grimoire.) Reception has been good enough to justify continuing to edit old grimoires and other works perpetually, and I don't intend to stop until I have released many hundreds of such works.

I am currently 2/3 of the way through editing the Sepher Bahir and will be working on two other similar works very soon; when the three are done (because they have such similar content, I love continuity) I will make a post with links to every occult work I have edited- the list is growing rather quickly because these works require less work than something written from scratch for the first time.

I am no expert with cover design or interior design for that matter, but the products I am making for sale are, at least, inexpensive and not simply crappy scans of existing works. Tip to buyers; ALWAYS remember to use the "look inside" function to check if it's just a photocopied work, which will always be off center, spotty, and contain any imperfections retained from the original copy scanned in the first place. If you want fully edited, fully reformatted, sometimes re-illustrated works with attractive covers, and you don't want to pay for something released by a self proclaimed magister or warlock, then I have what you need, or will in the future.

Incidentally anyone who wishes for me to edit and release an older work (generally speaking the author has to have died a century ago at least for it to be out of copyright) they can mention it to me, if the quality of other work they've seen pleases them. Sales are rising quickly so be assured the flow of new literature will be continuous.

I am working on two new works of my own making as well, and will still be editing the now (unfortunately) infamous "Fruits of Eden." This is likely to come right after the three kabbalist works are done- which shouldn't take long at all.