Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria: Now Available!

This work is one of the most dense entries in the esteemed "Creation Series"- a series which contains as well several other works I have edited. It is mostly linguistic, but is also a work of religious history, and dwells mostly on some of the more important spiritual figures within the Babylonian/Sumerian pantheon. We must of course recognize that it was written long before Gobekli Tepe was discovered so the human timeline then basically terminated with Sumeria.

It is wonderful that this book admits to the Sumerian-Babylonian backdrop of Judaism (and thence Christianity) even while it occasionally refers to Genesis specifically.

83 pages.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Time Has Come: Most Titles to Become Available via Kindle

As people may have seen, shipping times on Amazon have become completely insane; I bought a book a couple days ago, and the expected shipping time is in late April.

The current pandemic has turned people into fearful slaves, and unfortunately those of us still awake have no choice but to play along, in order to make ends meet.

As such, I have begun exporting my paperback files to digital. There is, of course, no wait time on delivery for these ebook sales; ebooks are inferior to paperbacks in most ways; a paperback does not magically go away because of a power outage or because some tech firm asserted proprietary rights over your book on its device because you are suspected of wrongthink for political reasons.

However it is clear that if I am to continue into this dark age, which has now grown darker due to human ignorance and the willingness of people to allow governments to do dumb things in the name of progress, or pandemic control, I have no option but to finally move titles to digital.

It will take several weeks. I have moved all my authored works already but it takes a couple days to process.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Magic and Fetishism: Now Available!

This is a very dense little work which is almost entirely comprised of notes and segments on African and Asian tribal groups and their use of physical objects in a ritual context, often as little charms or "fetishes" as they were termed then. Importantly, the modern (and sexual) use of this term does not here apply.

Some of the stories are outright humorous; most of them are fairly academic- it is nice to note that this work managed to exclude some of the supremacism often found in contemporary works and seeks to simply list the usages involved; these range from good luck charms, to totemic sorts of rites, to those involving war, success, and protection from disease.

69 pages.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Idea of God in Early Religions: Now Available!

This work is one of the main texts crafted by FB Jevons; a relatively well known academic in his day, who managed to create, here, a work which would remain relevant after a century- it is a combination of strict religious history with linguistic anthropology; a fascinating field that most would benefit from studying at least in a basic sense.

Religious evolution is explored here; the development of polytheism, the difference between a "god" in the community sense and the personal daemon or fetish, and other related topics. It refers to numerous other works and is rigorously academic.

116 pages.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Poems of Paganism: Now Available!

This little collection of poems is essentially about romance and love and extols the virtues of the pagan; some of this is archaicism- the language used is deliberately made to sound older than the late 19th century, in which everything pagan (in the sense of the Roman, Egyptian, Greek, and Norse, mostly) was considered commendable.

The collection itself is quite good; the poetry is highly listenable and easy to recite should one be intrigued by the idea. Much like the fascination of occultists with theater in this same era, poetry was perhaps a close second right behind in terms of use.

59 pages.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Religions of Ancient China: Now Available!

While it is quite short, this booklet manages to condense thousands of years of Chinese religious history into a very few pages- noting, of course, that its original format doubled the page length, as such literature tended to do in its era.

It traces the progression (if we may term it that) from ancestor worship and spiritism through Confucius, Taoism, materialistic movements, and the then-modern era. It's well written, although we may place it more with rigorous history than with stringently occult titles, as it contains a multitude of dates and spiritual developments.

48 pages.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Frays Golden Recipes: Now Available!

At the dawn of the 19th century, most popular domestic tip books contained ritual magic or at least prayers and explicit superstition. By the time of this particular work in the late 19th century, those had disappeared leaving herbal medicine, simple tips, recipes, and so forth; indeed, the path from grimoire, to this type of text, to modern woodcrafting and recipe books is fascinating.

It contains a slew of herbal remedies for disease and injury, as well as tips for basic issues such as illness in livestock and so forth- although some of the remedies are not a great idea, some of them remain in alternative medicine even today. It ought to be noted that this booklet had a very long printing run; I have seen scans of editions post-dating this one by 20 years.

66 pages.