Friday, December 23, 2016

General Update: Mostly Good News

It's about time for another update; the end of the year is now very near and my work has slowed slightly as I dream of sugar plums and fairies (or, rather, the burning times, dark spells, and aberrant anthropological literature) but there are several very good things to report now.

1. I am a third of the way through the Canadian Herbal. The (poor) condition of the original text necessitates a more prolonged editing process but caffeine cures all!

2. I have completely edited another combination herbal-and-remedy booklet but have to illustrate it myself; this will take some time.

3. Other probably even better news that I will update everyone on at a later date (but that is highly significant.) Because this is not quite set in stone I won't bother speaking more of it until it is.

4. I have begun mentally outlining the general plot of Sickness in Hell II. I should probably tell you my basic process for works I am myself authoring; I plot it out as though I am mentally imagining a movie, and then break it into what amount to cinematic segments, each then titled, allowing me to use greater detail (because it is being visualized)- this is followed by basic notes and then the story is written.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Herbal, Homeopathic, and Folk Medicine Books for Sale

The following is a continuously edited list of texts related to herbal medicine, homeopathy, and quack doctoring, which I have edited and released. This list will be updated over time as new titles become available.

Click to Purchase
An extensive mid 18th century text of folk and herbal medicine.

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A short tract detailing the philosophy of natural magic and herbalism.

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A very good work on herbal and similar imagery in witch lore.

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A WWI homeopathic work of note suggesting the use of small doses of tincture of black powder.

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A combination receipt book for disease and herbal guide.

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A short herbal with a large number of (often odd) recipes.

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A very short tract on the spiritual and physical evils of tobacco, by King James the first.

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A government bulletin listing several dozen common and noxious medicinal species.

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A homeopathic work listing some late 19th century remedies and various species used therein.

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A text that claims to treat and diagnose disease by observing astrology.

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Carey's utopian guide to better living, likening the spiritual and then-scientific.

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A DeLaurence work on mesmerism and hypnotism along with their medical applications. Pure Victorianism! 

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An excellent manuscript covering herbal remedies, ointment crafting, poisons, and more.

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A work on mesmerism and clairvoyance that partially relates them to medical applications.

Click to Purchase
A work on sleep paralysis which also describes herbal remedies, demonic folklore, and other subtopics.

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An interesting little essay on the medical application of hypnotism.

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A pro-hypnotism, anti-mesmerism manuscript, with some amusingly dated opinions of the use of the former.

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A treatment of hypnotism, faith healing, and the general history of alternative medicine.

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A collection of diseases, cures, preparations, and a lecture on moral ills.

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A work speaking of autosuggestion and its therapeutic usages, some still accepted today.

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A long-titled booklet of alternative medicine stressing dietary change, exercises, and hypnosis.

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A tract on Mesmerism and magnetic bathing, and its various anecdotal claims of efficacy.

Click to Purchase
A short field guide to some medically active species of North America and their usage.

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A short field guide to more medically active species. Fully illustrated.

Click to Purchase
A lengthy collection of botanical folklore, often Roman, Norse, Arthurian, or European Victorian.

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A series of entries on the use of botanicals in medicine, the dangers of antimony and mercury, and plenty of religious allusions.

Click to Purchase
A work on dowsing that mentions energy healing and homeopathy. Half translated from Baritel.

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An excellent, 307 page work on herbs, medical recipes, homeopathy, and some social tracts, all compiled.

Primitive Physic: Now Available!

This wonderful text dates all the way back to the middle of the 18th century. Mostly herbal and folk remedies, it is an extensive receipt-style work covering over 100 specific conditions for which, often, there are several distinct methods of cure listed. Some of the remedies it lists are dangerous and as such I will mention here that in no way do I condone or encourage its use as a medical guide.

Some things are mentioned more frequently within Wesley's treatise here; agrimony, chamomile, vitriol, and a few other materials are listed dozens of times; others, such as quicksilver, are less frequently employed in his physic system. Overall, it's one of the more comprehensive guides to folk remedy from its era, predating many similar types of work that came half a century or more after its manufacture.

122 pages.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

General Update Time: The End of 2016 Is Nigh!

2016 has been a strange year; political and social upheaval everywhere, even weird weather, and more synchronicity than can remotely be fathomed by even those of us who have studied the occult for some length of time. For me, it has been a massive success; everything I am doing is far, far ahead of where I anticipated it being even under the most optimistic scenarios.

Before 2016 keels over and gives birth to what I imagine will be a nearly-as-strange 2017 (I envision it will be a lot like 1980, stay tuned) there is one final stretch of work to be accomplished, and it is nearly done now.

I have mentioned before that I will be creating a new category of literary work here for titles related to herbalism, homeopathy, and quack medicine; "Magic Plants", "The Witches Pharmacopoeia", and "Gunpowder as a War Remedy" are already done, meaning one more work is necessary to make it a proper category of its own; I am, at the moment, half done with the roughly 125 page "Primitive Physick" which seems to be massively overpriced on Amazon by those selling editions of the same. If time allows, I will also be releasing, as stated before, the South Sea Herbal, but I wanted a longer and more substantial work (The latter is only about 30 pages) to go into the category with the shorter manuscripts. It's still within the realm of possibility that I have time to release "Weeds as Medicine" but I do not anticipate that until early January.

In 2017 I plan to branch out into several other categories of work also, and finally release Morbid Stories II, Sickness in Hell II, and other works.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Gunpowder As A War Remedy: Now Available!

This little work is straightly a homeopathic one- the claims here made by Clarke range from the probably true to the likely false; while ingesting gunpowder in solution may have enough chemical action to be of help for some ailments (and using it to sterilize a wound makes sense since it contains both nitrate and sulfur) it is not entirely clear that his claim of the same solutions curing exposure to sewer gas (hydrogen sulfide) and the aftereffects has any significant credibility.

Written and published during the First World War, Clarke also claims here that a large amount of his medicine was sent to the trenches- whether this helped with the various ailments there at the time is perhaps still a mystery.

For those who wish to see a digitized scan of this work (for free) I have already scanned my own copy into the occult archive and you can click here to download it. While I (begrudgingly) offer Kindle releases of my editions now, I honestly prefer the old style of simply free scanned pdfs of older works and if people wish to patronize my work I prefer they purchase physical copies of the same. Until the fourth herbal/homeopathic work is complete this edition will be linked under the Academic heading.

24 pages.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Occult Significance of Blood: Now Available

This is Steiner's greatest addition to the corpus of occult literature. I am myself generally dismissive of theosophical and anthroposophical works, but "Occult Significance of Blood" goes deeper, far deeper, into philosophy than most contemporary booklets including others Steiner himself crafted; the only other similarly fine Steiner work I ever read was "The Ahrimanic Deception."

This text delves deep into the meaning of blood in both a strictly spiritual as well as (vaguely outdated) biological context. Filled with eugenic thought, Steiner's work here does not argue against outbreeding like many contemporary works and instead credits and lambastes it as a double edged sword a la Paradise Lost and the simultaneous liberation and downfall of human order; while exogamy, according to Steiner, gave man his true self thought and identity, it robbed him of a primordial lineage memory of sorts as it altered, forever, man's thinking abilities. Such material would later form the basis of many a nationalistic attempt to restore tribal memory and overlap it with modern consciousness, forming a divine intellect and godlike man who could never be thwarted.

34 pages.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Witches' Pharmacopoeia: Now Available!

And now at last we come to a great milestone in the catalog of works I have authored or edited; the 100th occult release (counting a half a dozen of my own works) and the first herbal/homeopathic work here, technically speaking; the very good "Witches Pharmacopoeia" by Robert Fletcher, who combines the Shakespearean with the burning times herbal and cauldron-stirring lore

This booklet is line after line of not only herbal inclusions into magick but contains also some brief coverage of other diabolical work; especially as it relates to the boiling of unbaptized infants or the use of hanged man fat in potions and rituals. You will probably know the latter best from the use of the Hand of Glory.

This work along with "Magic Plants" will be placed in a new ninth category for herbal, homeopathic, and medicine-related works as soon as at least two additional titles are available that would fit therein; likely the South Sea Herbal and "Weeds as Medicine." It will go under the Academic heading until the new category is crafted.

40 pages.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Six Keys of Eudoxus: Now Available!

This alchemical manuscript is rather short, and alludes to Pontanus, Flamel, Hermes, and others, while proposing a six-step sort of system in which the philosophers' stone is made and used for various purposes.

It is vaguely a shortened adaptation of the Rosarium Philosophorum; making use of the general metaphor of the age- coagulating, fermenting, distilling, and other processes are overlapped with spiritual, often cosmic imagery.

24 pages.

The Tomb of Semiramis: Now Available!

Talk about an early Yule gift; Createspace saw fit to finally accept and process this submission two months later; I have to assume whoever had it on hold quit their job or there was a glitch in the system.

This short work is alchemical in nature; it appears to adapt and retell "A Work of Saturn" by Hollandus and describes the crafting and augmenting of the philosophers' stone to create elixir- a sort of metallic substance that melts like wax at low heat (or in contact with silver) and can be dissolved in wine or injected into wounds- that this substance is a sort of mercurial compound renders it perhaps less favorable in modern medicine, although I suppose it could destroy infections.

26 pages.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Language of the Stars: Now Available!

This particular booklet is both well made enough for a total novice of astrology to understand its content and in depth enough to cover things other than the standard "twelve signs and their overlap with other categories" material which shorter astrological works tend to cover.

Written by Burgoyne and explicitly recommended as a good astrological primer by Magnus Jensen (which, honestly, is how I found out that it existed!) it goes fairly deep into drawing up nativity charts, the meaning of and calculations of the planets, their influence into the twelve houses (and the meaning of the same) and far more.

67 pages.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Everybody's Astrology: Now Available!

This booklet is a compact little guide to the basics of astrology both theoretical and pragmatic. Some of the content here is Magnus Jensen's own theory and opinion, the rest is fairly standard zodiacal lore.

It contains a pair of rising sign tables among other things as well as references to a half dozen other astrological works, admonishing that the world would be a far better place if astrology were more widely understood and practiced.

38 pages.

Monday, November 21, 2016

General Update Time!

Things are going along quite smoothly at present; due to the sudden coming of snow (far earlier than usual) I've gotten a little ADHD addled I suppose and I have three works not complete but all more than half complete; namely the (very good) South Sea Herbal, the Asuri Kalpa, and A work called "Everybody's Astrology." I figure at least one will be done before November ends, and the other two in the first week of December, with three more works to go before the big #100.

That completes the first stage of my work; but there is an enormous load ahead for 2017; namely at least one and probably two entire categories' worth of work ("medical" will combine herbals with homeopathy, and I envision a new category for works related to the psychic arts, mediumship, mesmerism, and similar topics), as well as a planned massive addition of new subjects to the occult playlist I have made.

This is in addition to two side projects; tomorrow I should receive the three booklets I grabbed off ebay, and with my patreon-based donations far higher now I have the cash necessary to seriously look at some of the better booklet lots on ebay over time and grab a few to roughly double the occult archive- this has been actively planned for some time but until now I had so much else to do that I didn't have the time; I want to field at least 200 free scans by the end of 2017 and another 100 on top of that by the middle of 2018.

The second side project is, of course, finalizing the kindle ebook releases and adding links to them to the categories on this blog; unfortunately at least four separate editions were messed up (I'm good at dealing with createspace' system for paperbacks, but I am not used to the kindle process) and I had to completely redo them. If you do find that any of my ebook releases are not properly formatted, please do not hesitate to tell me here in a comment or by message on my Youtube channel.

I am also happy to announce that more than 120 copies of Sickness in Hell have been sold since its release about five weeks ago- this doesn't sound like a lot until you realize that the genre is the literal fringe of the fringe being self released without commercial advertisement by a largely unknown author of fictional works.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Treatise on Magical Incantations: Now Available!

This work is another Edmund Goldsmid release, supposedly translated from a work by "Christianus Pazig." That there appears to be no information on this figure indicates that either Goldsmid himself wrote this work or he translated it from a now-extinct piece of (possibly hand written) literature he collected at some point. It is part of the "Bibliotheca Curiosa" that also contains Goldsmid's translation of De Vegetabilis Magicis.

This work mostly rationalizes incantations, and suggests that they are powerless, outside of the realm of god-sanctioned incantations which are mere shows of faith with the power itself coming from the christian deity. It does, however, touch upon Homeric myth, then-modern parlor tricks, and other related topics.

33 pages.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Magic Plants: Now Available!

"Magic Plants" is not an herbal, strictly speaking, although it treats on the use of herbs in a sorcerous context in some primary sources it lists. Rather, it is a general treatise on the philosophy behind such use within the context of natural magic.

Translated from "De Vegetabilis Magicis" by Goldsmid in the mid 1800s, it is a dense little work, which, in its appendix, adds a tract detailing some witch trial material (almost surely to show the reader the torments applied for an understanding of natural healing and science in the burning times, especially to those who did not even practice sorcery) which speaks of herbalism insofar as witching ointment and a Satan-bestowed "mysterious black powder" used to harm cattle and people is concerned.

28 pages.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pagan Ideas of Immortality: Now Available!

This work is one of the most dense academic materials I have edited. Written in the early 20th century, it is a historical look at some of the philosophical schools of antiquity and their conception of the afterlife, purgatory, reincarnation, and the nature of the human spirit.

Its details regarding Mithra do not extend to comparisons to Jesus, as was typical in this era. A century ago, such claims would have been taboo. It dwells instead on multiple stories from antiquity (going back before Rome to previous religious schools which later influenced Rome as well) especially with regards to the form of tartarus and so forth. The evolution of the antiquated conception of the immortal soul is revealed here in great detail.

32 pages.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Three New Works I Acquired

I was unable to obtain one of the works I had in mind for the archive and release; a scrapbook and partly hand-written civil war era medical quack work with various recipes and letters and other miscellaneous inclusions; the price quickly surpassed my willingness to buy a work I was not able to physically examine for condition.

However I did obtain three quack-era works related to medicine, including two on homeopathy and a third on the usage of gunpowder as a remedy. I will release these works as free scans for the archive as soon as I figure out my new printer/scanner combo and will also craft them into new editions.

from the ebay listing

The Devil, His Origin, Greatness, and Decadence: Now Available!

This manuscript is a fine example of a mid 19th century spiritual historic work. Seeking to explain the origin and general history of Satan up through that point in history, it speaks of Ahriman, the disembodied and physical Satans of time, the Jewish and Christian origins of the same general principles, and the latter day, then-modern rationalist explanation of the devil as essentially a bogeyman.

Of course, more than a century has elapsed since then, and this rationalized imp subsequently became a symbol of capitalism, the leader of communism, the master of the world elite, a banker, and a humorous red skinned figure loosely twain with, of all things, Santa Claus.

58 pages.

I Am Attempting To Obtain some Extremely Important Works

By tonight I may have a very, very special treat for people interested in strange medical and spiritual literature. Lest someone try to outcompete me I won't mention what the specific titles are; but suffice it to say that at least two of the works I am trying to obtain in one lot off ebay are not even mentioned on any website (I doubt the person selling them has any idea of their true value) and a separate work is literally one of a kind. I will do everything in my power to grab these works up, scan them for the archives, and release editions of them as well to perpetuate their apparently exceptionally rare content. No book should ever be entirely forgotten.

Only after the bidding has completed and the works are (I hope) officially mine, will I show them off here and speak of their titles and content. I am extremely excited right now because they relate to the upcoming herbal/etc category I intend to build.

I am also on the lookout for a few other things I wish to obtain also, not all of which relate to literature. I've wanted for some time to get a victorian-era garnet ring but I have to find the exact size and style I desire.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Herbal and Homeopathic Works: New Category Forthcoming

I am pleased to say I finally obtained enough material to begin rendering a series of works to print which will culminate in an entirely new category of literature which, after they are edited, will be listed on this blog; specifically, herbals, homeopathy, and similar works related to folk medicine and similar topics. Some of the titles are hereby listed:

Weeds Used in Medicine (1917)- An interesting and partly illustrated basic herbal.
South Sea Herbal (1715)- A short herbal with many illustrations.
The Treatment of Disease (1886)- An early scientific medical tract.
A Brief Treatise on Various Ailments (1890)- A list of diseases and their herbal remedies.
The Canadian Herbal (1851)- A longer medical tract with various remedies.
Dr Chases' Recipes (1866)- Remedies, herbs, quack medicine, and other material.
Occult Science in Medicine (1893)- Alchemy, astronomy, medicine, and more.
On Snake Bites and their Antidotes (1862)- An article on the obvious from the transactions of the philosophical society of New South Wales.

There are a half dozen other, much longer, works as well that I have acquired for release.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cotton Mather and Witchcraft: Now Available!

This short tract is one of the more interesting looks at the Salem Witch Trials that I have seen. Not only does it openly defend Cotton Mather (usually saddled with a significant proportion of the blame for the witch hysteria there) but does so with enough persuasion that over a century after its authorship I found myself at least partly convinced that perhaps Mather really wasn't the devilish sadist he's usually considered. It helps that he arguably outflanked Gregor Mendel in a basic understanding of rudimentary genetics by a century.

Mather, of course, was a pious puritan of his age- but he was also a relatively scientific man with an extreme level of education. This work, then, exonerates him from some of the criticism he began receiving in this mid 19th century era, as rationalists sought to universally condemn virtually all specifically religious minds of the past age. It gives a little bit of insight into the concept of the "white specter" and similar paranormal topics as well.

24 pages.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Omnium Gatherum: Now Available!

The Omnium Gatherum is a bizarre but interesting fortune teller. Written in the 1870s and pairing a social oracle with temperance propaganda, it is the offspring of JT Yarrington, who was an activist for this latter cause.

The social purpose is clear; get a group of people together to tell their fortunes with one another and subsequently ponder the evils of alcohol (the "grog sellers" and so forth!) It also contains a dozen testimonials from the press of its age. Indeed, the oracle can be used solo by making slips of paper for each possible answer to the questions but getting a group together really helps when your purpose is to get them talking about the evils of beer and liquor.

44 pages.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

General Literary Update: Forthcoming Works

I will be attending a funeral this afternoon. As such my load of work for the day is essentially just an update for "The Piasa" later.

Over the last week I have obtained a large number of new works to work on. I never stick to a timeline and tend to bounce from work to work on a daily basis, to keep the material fresh and interesting and so I don't get bogged down or distracted. Here is a little list of some of the works I'll be releasing over time.

-The Omnium-Gatherum: A substantial oracle twain with pre-prohibition temperance propaganda.
-Modern Vampirism by Eaves: A work on psychic vampirism among other topics.
-The Golden Wheel: A lengthy fortune teller apparently based on Napoleon's Oraculum.
-Of Ghosts and Spirits: A very old (late 16th century) work.
-Witchcraft, the Art of Fortune Telling: A Norwood Gypsy-style fortune teller from the very early 19th century.
-The Origin of the Werewolf Superstition: A short academic treatise on the subject.
-Magic, Divination, and Demonology among the Hebrews: A self explanatory work.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Your Future Revealed: Now Available!

This interesting work is one among many in the oracle tradition but with two neat twists; first, the oracle is set up to answer via some of the Greek deities, and second the oracle is in Shakespearean quotation.

This likely marketing strategy takes a straightforward, relatively simple oracle and transforms it into something a bit more snazzy. Thirteen questions may be answered by merely using slips of paper upon which the numbers of the gods (or their names) are placed. This system can be adapted for essentially any multiple choice query.

32 pages.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Within the Temple of Isis: Now Available!

"Within the Temple of Isis" is a strange work of occult fiction overlapped with metaphor and new thought ideology. Crafted in the dusk of the 19th century, it is meant to be a spiritual statement on the purification of mankind among other psychic and paranormal phenomena.

It shows significant influence from, and imparted influence to, the general philosophy of the age- from roughly the 1880s to the 1920s the occult was overarched by the general prevailing wisdom that the world was fallen away from some golden past and that this utopian dream was able to once again be realized. It's quite an interesting work.

66 pages.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Hindu Book of Astrology: Now Available!

The Hindu Book of Astrology is slightly mistitled- it is indeed a Western astrological work with some Eastern fusion within its pages; that hardly detracts from the content, since texts from this era tended to do that quite often, especially with Hinduism.

It includes all the signs of the Zodiac, the cusps, the colors, gems, diseases, and so forth of each sign, within a fairly rudimentary framework, and then encourages the reader to relax and study other aspects of the occultism. The Zodiac may be seen as largely a positive one, which is more fixated on elaboration on the positive aspects than dwelling on the negative.

65 pages.

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Seaside Sybil: Now Available!

The Seaside Sybil is a strange little work. Written in 1882 and almost entirely New York-centric in style, it proposes a rather simple oracle system; 100 possible fortunes are present, and the numbers 1 through 100 placed on slips of paper and one drawn at random to consult the oracle.

The oracle itself is what concerns, of course, the occult audience- also of interest here though is the addition of ads for quack medicine, often ads of a rather outmoded and at times hilariously bigoted nature; for example, an ad featuring a "chinaman" charicature eating a box of rat poison- the ad states "They must go!" It is not clear if the rats, or the chinaman, are the primary subject.

28 pages.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Demonomania and Witchcraft: Now Available!

This short but extremely interesting work is a historical view to the rationalism of the mid 1800s. Written by Joseph Workman (MD) an apparent specialist in insanity, it refutes and also draws from the Burning Times and the Salem Witch Trials. Filled with anecdotes, it is historically valuable both for its coverage of earlier events as well as its historical context in the early industrial era with the changing interpretation of witchery and demonology of that age.

24 pages.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Occult Memetics: Now Available!

(Please note; Amazon has retained the image of the first uploaded cover which was poorly formatted. This has been corrected but I do not know when the image will update.)

This is part four of my shorter works series, and the newest edition I myself have released.

It speaks of memetics in occult terms, propaganda, how to make it, the principles behind its use, the principles behind occult memetics at the very core of its meaning. I give anecdotal examples here, as well as general theory, before I expound on a few rough guides to methodology for those who actually desire to create propaganda for occult purposes.

35 pages.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Double Steam Ahead: A New Slew of Releases

Adversity and stress just makes me work even harder whenever I am able. The situation I spoke of before is specifically the death of my grandfather. He taught me how to grow things, and thus I owe a lot of my herbal knowledge to him. There are thus obviously things to attend to; a funeral, and estate nonsense that should be cut and dry but isn't because of a relative-who-shall-remain-unnamed.

That being said in the last 48 hours I have worked feverishly and now several works have been completely overhauled. These following links are to Amazon. I have overhauled both the interior format and cover of all these works.

Categorizing the Occult

Occult Nature of God

Spirits of the Garden

I have also completed a work on occult memetics, which I promised to numerous people several months ago. It will be available by this evening. (Edit: Tomorrow evening- the trim was all sorts of messed up and had to be remade.) I have additionally obtained several dozen new works to edit and begun work on a political work which I think people will appreciate. As before; I will only be able to do any editing and writing between other, honestly more pressing things are taken care of, but I assure you an enormous load of literature will become available over the next few weeks regardless. Specifically, the possible future stress of dealing with lawyers and legalese encourages me to expand my catalog of work as quickly as possible, since it means more income.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bumpy Road Ahead: That Means A Redoubling of Effort

An unexpected situation has arisen here that means that over the coming months (assuming said situation escalates) my ability to work will be hindered slightly. As such, I have decided to vastly increase my pace of work for as long as possible. My to-do list involves releasing a half dozen new works and reformatting virtually all of my pre-2016 editions in an extremely short time span. This will be grueling but has to be done with all vigor and haste that can possibly be dedicated to this cause.

Don't worry; I will triple-announce any unexpected delays both here and on Youtube as well as my Facebook fan page. There is always the chance that this situation will defuse on its own.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Stanzas of Dzyan: Now Available!

The Stanzas of Dzyan are a short, purportedly Tibetan work which Helena Blavatsky claimed to have translated near the end of the 19th century from works she encountered in the far East. That it is essentially a short reworking of mundane Buddhist doctrine does not detract from the fact that this, above almost all other occult manuscripts, influenced the entire period of Victorian new agery- as such I decided to edit it, more as a work of historical rather than spiritual significance.

Helena Blavatsky was an interesting person; a chain smoker with the mouth of a sailor who indeed did travel far more widely than even the average socialite Victorian of her era; that she fused systems together into new rites and practices is generally seen as evidence of her being a fraud by most- I see fraud only in her seances and secret letters and relegate the fusion of systems to the most positive abandonment of moral traditionalism and the adaptation of what a hundred years later became the rudiments of the new, rising occult order which at least acknowledges the presence of each spiritual system outside of a vacuum.

26 pages.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

General Update Time! New Works in Progress, etc

It hasn't quite been two weeks but I figure shaving a couple days off won't hurt anyone.

The first news to report is a new work that will be ready tomorrow; the infamous "Stanzas of Dzyan" by Blavatsky, a short treatise she claimed was translated from Tibetan occult works which loosely relates to Buddhism. I decided to edit and release this manuscript not because of any support of Blavatsky (she was a fraud!) but because of the importance of some of her works in shaping pre-modern Victorian occultism. This facet of the spiritual history of that era can't be denied; indeed her works were powerful enough to begin influencing human reality even long after her death.

The second news is that I'm editing the strange, Atlantean-style "City of the Sun" by Tomasso; added to this will be another work by Baring-Gould on ghost lore, a new Leland work on Etruscan culture, and the last three Phallic works. I've obtained a few new alchemical manuscripts also, and a slew of new material on demonology which always seems to be popular, demonology being of course the one field that virtually all cultures agree is interesting within spiritual paths.

I am also going to begin writing part II of "Sickness in Hell" next week; I will give an estimate of its length and when it will be ready at some later date. I have to return to working on "Macabre Tales" as well.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Book of Werewolves: Now Available!

"The Book of Werewolves" is a slightly ominously-titled work from the mid 1800s by the somewhat eccentric genius Sabine Baring-Gould. It covers far more than just your typical tales of lycanthropy and delves deeply into berserker (bear-serker) lore, Hindu tradition, and cannibalism among other things, titillating the reader with rather lurid depictions of criminal behavior.

Baring-Gould helpfully acknowledges both the spiritual and secular explanations for various historical tales along these general lines and manages to cram an enormous amount of lore into this work- which might be the pinnacle of such literature in man's realm of study.

174 pages.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Poll For You!

Up until now all of my releases have been self published paperbacks. What if I released, through a publisher of the arcane, a hardcover/fine binding edition of one of my works? Specifically, the work in question, the infamous Petit Albert of French fame? Of course, the softcover edition would remain available- it would be a licensed limited printing of my edition.

Have at it!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sickness In Hell is Available At Last: Sound the Horns of Hell!

At long last, after nearly a solid decade of writing, editing, and shelving the project altogether for months or years at a time, my earliest literary effort, Sickness in Hell, is finally available.

Some of the content has changed over time as I fiddled with what was originally a scattered plot; the names of the main characters involved (including, of course, Satan) have remained the same. I've also decided to make at least two sequels and make it into a series of splatterpunk/dystopian works.

It follows the story of Germaine Woodsworth as his world is crumbling underneath him in a fantastical fungal plague which is tearing the established order apart. Witchery, demons, sickness and decay, are everywhere- reality itself melts away in these pages in hopes that the sanity of the reader will subsequently also begin to decay.

It should be noted that I wrote what has become this work under the inspiration of forces, possibly of a demonic nature, which inspired me to do so many years ago. For anyone into the spooky, the dark, the darkly satirical, or the demonic, you've just found the ultimate in grotesque experiences. Helpfully, it's about two weeks before Samhain right now so you should be able to really get into the mood of the season.

224 pages.

The New Atlantis: Now Available!

This work by Francis Bacon was left incomplete in a fairly obvious nod to Plato, who similarly forsook his own tale of Atlantis mid-sentence, possibly for effect. Bacon's work here is notable in the occult sense for two basic reasons.

First; the work dwells primarily on the spiritual character of the mythical people of Bensalem and a few of their rites, and might be ascribed as an allusion to how christian society ought to operate much as Plato's account is often seen as a description of how classical society should do the same in its era.

Second; Bacon speculates on technology and arranges it in such a way that he is almost making a series of predictions of what man would eventually be able to do; on most counts he was not only right but spot on- from the development of smokeless gunpowder and human flight, to advanced optics and microscopy among other things.

The entire work is delivered in such a form that it may be said to have alchemical overtones as well, dwelling on the very same processes of purification (in a mundane sense) that alchemists ascribed to their own practice.

46 pages.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Own Titles: For Sale!

The following list contains only works I myself have written personally. This list will be updated over time as new titles are released.

Click to Purchase
A 300 page list of all reasonable and constitutional arguments on both a legal and moral basis for wanting and utilizing gun control in the United States.

Click to Purchase
Darkly satirical splatterpunk with Satanic overtones. Technically my first work since I began writing it in 2007.

Click to Purchase
A partly philosophical hand guide to the likely coming atomic war.

Click to Purchase
A work of herbalism in practice and theory.

Click to Purchase
The short forerunner to Fruits of Eden. Herbal lore.

Click to Purchase
A work detailing all things psychonautic.

Click to Purchase
A collection of short splatterpunk works.

Click to Purchase
A theoretical look at music and sound as magick.

Click to Purchase
An occult guide to the phenomenon known as ASMR

Click to Purchase
A satirical work related to the band 'Enbilulugugal'.

Click to Purchase
A Satire of christianity and its offshoots.

Click to Purchase
A fake grimoire I wrote to shame some frauds with my acumen.

Click to Purchase
A treatise on internal and external sources of occult power. Related to folk magick also.

Click to Purchase
A logical framework creating eight possibly archetypes of the divine.

Click to Purchase
A treatise on propaganda, reality manipulation, and synchronicity.

Click to Purchase
A short work suggesting how to increase liberty and against authoritarian systems.

Click to Purchase
A short manuscript detailing the failures of communism and its offshoots.

Click to Purchase
A short manuscript on the slow death of corporate media and its use of propaganda.

Click to Purchase
A short manuscript on exopolitics, language evolution, humanity's future epochs, and robotic ethics.

Click to Purchase
A short work on using negative emotions to drive ambition and success constructively.

Click to Purchase
A short booklet on some propaganda strategies used by politicians and pundits and the importance of resisting the same.

Click to Purchase
A short booklet comparing the 2010s with the witch trials, with all their ignorance and persecution.

Divination, Fortune Telling, and Astrology Books for Sale

The following is a continuously edited list of texts related to fortune telling, prophecy, astrology, and prognostication, which I have edited and released. This list will be updated over time as new titles become available.

Click to Purchase
A British work from 1822 dealing with astrology and divination.

Click to Purchase
A lengthy oracle with no additional content. Circa the 1870s.

Click to Purchase
A longer, earlier fortune teller including palmistry, astrology, card tricks, dream interpretation, and more.

Click to Purchase
A series of charms and astrological divination. Also Americana.

Click to Purchase
An elaborate system of fortune telling, which also contains charms and divination-related practices which use nothing more than playing cards, dominoes, and other simple things. Pure Americana.

Click to Purchase
A short oracle using slips of paper. Contains many vintage quack medicine and joke ads.

Click to Purchase
The twelve signs, the cusps, and various Western occult lore masquerading as Hindu.

Click to Purchase
A simplified oracle in Shakespearean verse.

Click to Purchase
A social oracle paired with temperance era propaganda. Mostly relationship related.

Click to Purchase
A short astrological work mainly speaking of the signs and their meaning.

Click to Purchase
An excellent primer on beginner-to-intermediate astrology.

Click to Purchase
An excellent, mid-length work of dream interpretation including moles and cards as used to prognosticate. Contains an early proto-oraculum.

Click to Purchase
A short work half plagiarized from the 1790 version. Includes prognostication by nails and a unique tree-oracle.

Click to Purchase
A lengthy list of dreams and their meanings, from a late 19th century perspective.

Click to Purchase
A short work that subjugates crops and surgery to the movements of celestial bodies.

Click to Purchase
A work on astrology with the signs, houses, and hours as well as their various natures.

Click to Purchase
A Theosophical work detailing how to remember dreams, some material about their meaning, and a large number of anecdotes about premonitions in dreams.

Click to Purchase
A long, obtusely titled work of dream interpretation, phrenology, general divination, also with a full sized oracle system.

Academic and Occult History Books for Sale

The following is a continuously edited list of texts related to occult archaeology, social studies, and the history of witchcraft and spirituality, which I have edited and released. This list will be updated over time as new titles become available.

Click to Purchase
One of Agrippa's works- this time not spurious. A social tract applauding the sacred feminine, the symbol of the heroine, and female capabilities in prophecy and the occult.

Click to Purchase
An anthropological work regarding Tuscany, which contains some spells and rites. Charles Leland's finest work.

Click to Purchase
An important work on tree worship covering the Norse, English, Hindu, Tibetan, and other traditions.

Click to Purchase
An invaluable work on phallic worship speaking mostly of Hindu, Tibetan, and European lore.

Click to Purchase
A work on serpent worship speaking of Mesoamerican, Hindu, Druid, and Egyptian culture.

Click to Purchase
An interesting look at the sacred feminine, sex magick, the Maharaja, and more.

Click to Purchase
All about towers, pillars, and altars, as well as the Stone of Odin.

Click to Purchase
Smith's original tract on what would become part of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Click to Purchase
Blavatsky's core reworking of Tibetan lore that would go on to form the center of Theosophy.

Click to Purchase
A tract seeking to explain the Salem Witch Trials and exonerate Cotton Mather.

Click to Purchase
A tract on Greek and Roman philosophy and early christiandom and the concept of the soul.

Click to Purchase
A short tract on the use and form of spoken magical spells, mostly rationalizing them.

Click to Purchase
John Taylor's excellent work on the burning times and Satan.

Click to Purchase
A tract on the process of Catholic book-condemning and a subsequent list of banned contemporary works.

Click to Purchase

A lengthy work on burials, cremations, and funeral ceremonies through time and among many cultures.

Click to Purchase
A nice compact work on Druids, Gaul, Welsh legend, and more.

Click to Purchase
A collection of some Rosicrucian materials with late 19th century academic rigor.

Click to Purchase
A great work of religious history touching on solar cults including Mithraism, Hinduism, and much more.

Click to Purchase
An interesting work compiling Malaysian mysticism and folklore, often from the Sufi and Hindu background.

Click to Purchase
A short work on Egyptian paganism revolving around funerary spells and symbolism.

Click to Purchase
A good work on Sufism by Reynold Nicholson.


Click to Purchase
A work detailing the tabernacle within Judaistic lore, along with the architecture and symbolism thereof.

Click to Purchase
One of the Phallism works, this time on the sexual symbolism of fish, flowers, and fire.

Click to Purchase
A short, excellent work detailing witchy imagery in several major Shakespeare plays

Click to Purchase
An excellent work on multiple cultures and their conceptions of vampires and similar creatures

Click to Purchase
A short compilation of primary source works on the witch trials.

Click to Purchase
The 17th century proceedings of a witch trial with a short addition.

Click to Purchase
An interesting fusion of Greek and Roman mythology with late 19th century sociopolitical analysis.

Click to Purchase
A fine collection of primary source documents from the Salem Witch Trials.

OCCULTISM (Two Lectures)
Click to Purchase
A short work debunking some occult phenomena such as phrenology and dowsing.

Click to Purchase
A work on mesmerism, mindfulness, willpower, and more, from Charles Leland.

Click to Purchase
A work examining Rudolf Steiner, Eva Carriere, and others, as well as mediumship and second sight, from a partly rationalist, partially spiritist background.

Click to Purchase
A work by the famous Albert Moll discrediting faith healing while accepting, as mesmeric, some occult healing.

Click to Purchase
A work by Leadbeater dividing dreams into categories and mentioning examples of them being predictive.

Click to Purchase
A compilation of references to the linga, yoni, and more, within Hinduism, plus some sex worship in Islam and Buddhism.

Click to Purchase
A compilation of lore about demons, bilocation, spirits, and more, from a Catholic perspective.

Click to Purchase
A Rosicrucian offshoot work dealing with telepathy, magnetism, mindfulness, and philosophy.

Click to Purchase
A Lutheran work skeptical of superstition but accepting of the Devil.

Click to Purchase
A short primer to Greek and Roman mythological terms with a few Hindu and Egyptian references included.

Click to Purchase
A guide to psychic phenomena, from a Rosicrucian perspective.

Click to Puchase
Waite's expose on Taxil, with some demonology and alchemy.

Click to Purchase
A short work by Besant on some basic Buddhist principles.

Click to Purchase
A spiritualist work describing the nature of the dead, the afterlife, and more.

Click to Purchase
A deLaurence work on clairvoyance, spiritualism, mesmerism, somnambulism, and telepathy.

Click to Purchase
A collection of works related to medical history, often occult in nature, virtually always related to religious history as well.

Demonology and Satanic Books for Sale

The following is a continuously edited list of texts related to demonology, Satan, devil worship, and spirits which I have edited and released. This list will be updated over time as new titles become available.

Click to Purchase
An interesting manuscript about Pentecostals and demonology.

Click to Purchase
One of Trithemius' foremost works, detailing a simplistic conjuration method using a pedestal, a crystal, and various invocations.

Click to Purchase
A lengthy tract on witches, demons, the Devil, fairies, sorcery, and necromancy.

Click to Purchase
A strange work speaking of necrophilia, possession, and demonic pacts.

Click to Purchase
A full length and infamous look at the burning times, familiar spirits, exorcism, and the devil.

Click to Purchase
A short tract by Moses Hull lambasting the church and praising Lucifer and science.

Click to Purchase
A work spuriously attributed to Agrippa, detailing the natures and categories of certain spirits and forces both good and evil.

Click to Purchase
An exceptional and old work, technically a grimoire but mostly apocryphal demonology.

Click to Purchase
An interesting early industrial era treatise on demons, witches, and insanity.

Click to Purchase
A wonderful tract detailing the history of Satan and his many forms.

Click to Purchase
A longer work on demonology and Satan, from a protestant, temperance era perspective.

Click to Purchase
A work on the historicity of the Devil, Hell, eternal punishment, Pagan and Christian history, and more.

Click to Purchase
A bit of field work from the 1920s related to cases of sickness, death, and lunacy caused by demons in China and India.

Click to Purchase
A short guide to some notable demons and spirits in far Eastern Indian folklore.

Click to Purchase
A short agnostic tract refuting the premise of Hell and Satan.

Click to Purchase
A work that claims that spiritualists contact demons instead of the dead and that it is evil.

Click to Purchase
A lengthy work on good and evil, angels and demons, God and Satan, from a Catholic perspective.

Click to Purchase
A treatment of necromancy, blood drinking corpses, psychic vampires, and their diabolical form and function.

Click to Purchase
A Reformed Christian work talking about Hell, Satan, demons, and mortality.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Blog Redesign and General Update!

At last it is time that my blog here has begun to grow out of its original format. I am actively planning the preliminary stages of acquiring a website to host my material (this blog will cross-link to it and the two operate in tandem using the benefits of both blogspot and my own website, which won't exist for some months to come.)

I have made a major decision in format for this blog; it doesn't make sense to have all of my works individually listed taking up precious space- it makes more sense to make a post and link it to a single tab for my own works. I have also decided that the rising number of quasi-academic materials I have edited (Aradia, Ophiolatreia, Chaldean Deluge, etc) should have their own category which will subsume a few of the works from two other categories; namely "spiritual works" and "folk magic and more" which will become just "folk magic" along with general occult folklore that was never academic in tone or style.

In happy update news, Sickness in Hell is on its final chapter and is almost done. I have also edited and am going to release Bacon's short but spectacular "The New Atlantis" which has several layers of spiritual meaning to it. Added to this will come the last three phallic series works, several more alchemical manuscripts, three more grimoires, and a slew of spiritual scriptures hopefully starting with the Kebra Negast which I mentioned previously.

I am also planning to write a series of short stories for release which will also later be compiled, as tends to happen with shorter materials.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Chaldean Account of the Deluge: Now Available!

This short tract is an interesting primary source that led directly to the writing of Smith's longer "Chaldean account of Genesis." An archaeologist in the late 1800s, Smith was instrumental in some of the digs at Ninevah and elsewhere and was apparently self taught in cuneiform translation.

While this treatise, which translates what would become part of the Epic of Gilgamesh, was well received and widely read in its era, today only archaeology students tend to refer to it at all; which is sad since Smith could easily be given credit for helping to usher in the age of Victorian occultism- the Genesis-Gilgamesh overlay in his work is of such great importance in leading to what would become the Blavatsky-style spiritualism, scientific secularism, and (sometimes inaccurate) speculation of latter days on ancient man, that Smith deserves a spot in the spiritual hierarchy not even a step below Crowley or Paracelsus.

33 pages.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Subtle Allegory Concerning the Secrets of Alchemy: Now Available!

This tract of alchemy was written by the famous Michael Maier, a German alchemist of the 16th and 17th century. It is an interesting work particularly because the veil of metaphor used to describe the process of alchemy itself takes the form of a short story involving the search for the legendary Phoenix- indeed, the putrefaction and vaporizing processes of the alchemists do seem to overlap with this imagery fairly well.

Maier is hopeful that the reader will compare this allegorical system to the general rudiments of alchemy which even the laypeople comprehended and will be able to discover for themselves the process.

33 pages.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

All About Devils: Now Available!

This strange work is a spiritualist writing from the late 1800s. Moses Hull was once a fairly well regarded Adventist minister but lost his faith, embraced the occult, and proceeded to write this little booklet, which is almost a tract of demonolatry for its era.

Short in length but deep in detail, it excoriates and lambastes the church, applauds Satan as a herald of wisdom (and at times as better in a strategic sense than the christian deity) and (correctly) predicts that the christian cult would take credit for the philosophical advances of spiritualism. Indeed, this latter prediction is so accurate that we might regard Hull as a sort of spiritualist prophet- the church, decades later, would indeed embrace the struggles of the suffragettes, the return of neopagan iconography, the study of the arcane, and other things which were embraced by the Victorian occult movement while the christian body largely regarded them as heretical. To Hull, predicting this, it would roughly equate to the christian church once chastising proto-scientists in their claim that the world was round and went around the sun in orbit.

44 pages.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Phallic Objects: Now Available!

This work is a bit more like "Archaic Rock Inscriptions" than it is the progenitor work "Phallism" albeit it is from the same series. Like other works within the phallism series (again, as always, possibly but not definitively a work by Jennings Hargrave) it relies predominantly on secondary sources, in this case mostly archaeological.

It's a good work; mostly it covers the prevalence of towers, altars, and pillars of similar apparent composition and form across most of Europe (especially Ireland) and India. It may be seen as a somewhat shorter supplement to "Phallism" at large.

95 pages.

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Host of New Works I'll Be Working On

Little else makes me happier than acquiring new materials to edit and new ideas to write; honestly I think I've found my calling- or at least one of a more generally acceptable nature than analysis and banter on Youtube; admittedly, my latter effort is also skyrocketing in popularity. More copies of my literary works have sold in the first three days of October than were sold in the first four months of my editing back in 2015.

In the last few weeks I've been on an epic quest to bring in more literary content to release over time; and boy did the effort pay off; the following list is just a sampler of the things I'll be working through in addition to dozens of works I already had planned;

-Hull's "All About Devils": A short (60ish page) work of extremely zealous christian authorship.
-"Egyptian Secrets": Ascribed to Magnus but of the manufacture of deLaurence. A sort of Pow-wow style compilation work.
-"Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling" by Leland- a quasi-academic work.
-"The Pedigree of the Devil" by Frederic Hall. A typical late 1800s spiritual-academic fusion.
-"Phallism in Ancient Worships" by Westropp and Wilder.
-The Kebra Nagast, an Ethiopian holy book.
-"Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry" by Yeats: A collection of often paranormal folklore.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Nature Worship: Now Available!

This exciting work, from the same series as Cultus Arborum and Ophiolatreia, is yet another look at the phallic faith by (possibly) Hargrave speaking to us from the late 1800s British Empire. This particular text is a bit more lurid and licentious than the others, and delves deeper, relatively, into sexual worship, the Maharaja, the sacred harlots and call women of ancient times, and so forth. Strangely, the worship of actual nature here appears to be an allusion to human, rather than floral, nature.

That hardly denigrates from its massive depth; it manages to compress enough academic material into its anecdotes and antiquated spiritual tales to fill a text several times its length. Altogether an extremely interesting read as well for those interested in the sacred sexual, the sacred feminine, or the Left Hand Path in general.

136 pages.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Literary Update

It's been two weeks since the last general update- thank goodness I made it that long without making one of these important-but-oft-repetetive posts!

The first happy point to make here is that "Nature Worship" is complete and being processed as we speak; this edition is like other purported Hargrave/ privately printed releases from the same set in the 1890s; it dwells mostly on mythology re; Hinduism as well as tales of lurid and sometimes depraved sexual rites from ancient Greece, the Hebraic culture, Babylon, and India at large among the Maharaja and others. It's more rooted in actual mythological and spiritual texts than the other works thus far; while "Archaic Rock Inscriptions" was largely archaeological, and while "Phallism" was largely then-modern or nearly modern anecdotes, this work relies heavily on ancient manuscripts.

The second update is that Sickness in Hell is almost complete; I have three chapters now left to craft, and the story is winding down towards its apocalyptic conclusion. I expect to finish it in the first week of October. It's going to be slightly longer than I anticipated.

The third is that I have decided to focus on the last three of the Phallic works for October and if there's time get to a few new alchemical works before settling in for the Lemegeton and a couple of shorter manuscripts of my own composition I wish to release.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Archaic Rock Inscriptions: Now Available!

This book is from the same editor that crafted Ophiolatreia and Cultus Arborum among other works, (possibly Hargrave.) Made in the 1890s, it is a fairly eugenics-heavy and imperialistic look at the prevalent lingam-identified markings scattered across Brazil, the US, the British Isles, India, and elsewhere.

Its allusions to the Druids, lingam-yoni worship, burial rites, and archeological remains make this a spectacular guide to the same; honestly it's my favorite thus far of these late 19th century books.

130 pages.

For the Occultists: Red Ice Radio Appearance Tonight 5PM EST/2PM Pacific

I will be speaking briefly on the topic of memetics, occult synchronicity, and the alt-right (so termed) tonight on Red Ice Radio- an interesting media order which follows a less MSM-style format than some; the show begins live at 5PM Eastern/2PM Pacific. When I specifically call in through skype is as yet undetermined.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Letters on Witchcraft and Demonology: Now Available!

This is one of the best single works of witch-and-demon lore ever created; dating to the end of the Enlightenment it is partially historical, partially philosophical, and is perhaps the most important work from Walter Scott, who himself is one of the most important literary figures of his era. This work is a compilation of ten letters written by Scott on the subject, intricately sourced to secondary texts, and is altogether a fine resource for any academic or occultist.

If you desire references to and anecdotes about illusion, possession, exorcism, the burning times, demon worship, or Satan, this is the work for you.

This edition has been rendered into modern English except for a few quoted passages from antiquated sources which Scott has used, which were retained for continuity.

269 pages.