Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bumpy Road Ahead: That Means A Redoubling of Effort

An unexpected situation has arisen here that means that over the coming months (assuming said situation escalates) my ability to work will be hindered slightly. As such, I have decided to vastly increase my pace of work for as long as possible. My to-do list involves releasing a half dozen new works and reformatting virtually all of my pre-2016 editions in an extremely short time span. This will be grueling but has to be done with all vigor and haste that can possibly be dedicated to this cause.

Don't worry; I will triple-announce any unexpected delays both here and on Youtube as well as my Facebook fan page. There is always the chance that this situation will defuse on its own.


  1. Hopefully it's not a serious health issue, I want you alive and producing your good shit.
    Stay strong, brother in spirit!

  2. It's not anything directly involving me, but it will probably affect my work. I appreciate your concern though.

    Thankfully the stress of dealing with uncertainty makes me work faster; I'm writing a new booklet on memetics as we speak!

    1. Sorry about your Gramps.

      Hope you get to keep your house.

      I deleted my previous dumb post where I opened my piehole about my worries.

      My Dad passed in'14 at age 89 - same as your grandfather, and I have siblings still arguing over the remains, since there was no will - so I clearly sympathize with your upcoming legal wranglings.

      If people do the right thing, you'll get to stay put, but never count on that.

      Take care, and thanks for your posts and works.

  3. I hope everything works out well for you.

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