Friday, September 30, 2016

Nature Worship: Now Available!

This exciting work, from the same series as Cultus Arborum and Ophiolatreia, is yet another look at the phallic faith by (possibly) Hargrave speaking to us from the late 1800s British Empire. This particular text is a bit more lurid and licentious than the others, and delves deeper, relatively, into sexual worship, the Maharaja, the sacred harlots and call women of ancient times, and so forth. Strangely, the worship of actual nature here appears to be an allusion to human, rather than floral, nature.

That hardly denigrates from its massive depth; it manages to compress enough academic material into its anecdotes and antiquated spiritual tales to fill a text several times its length. Altogether an extremely interesting read as well for those interested in the sacred sexual, the sacred feminine, or the Left Hand Path in general.

136 pages.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Literary Update

It's been two weeks since the last general update- thank goodness I made it that long without making one of these important-but-oft-repetetive posts!

The first happy point to make here is that "Nature Worship" is complete and being processed as we speak; this edition is like other purported Hargrave/ privately printed releases from the same set in the 1890s; it dwells mostly on mythology re; Hinduism as well as tales of lurid and sometimes depraved sexual rites from ancient Greece, the Hebraic culture, Babylon, and India at large among the Maharaja and others. It's more rooted in actual mythological and spiritual texts than the other works thus far; while "Archaic Rock Inscriptions" was largely archaeological, and while "Phallism" was largely then-modern or nearly modern anecdotes, this work relies heavily on ancient manuscripts.

The second update is that Sickness in Hell is almost complete; I have three chapters now left to craft, and the story is winding down towards its apocalyptic conclusion. I expect to finish it in the first week of October. It's going to be slightly longer than I anticipated.

The third is that I have decided to focus on the last three of the Phallic works for October and if there's time get to a few new alchemical works before settling in for the Lemegeton and a couple of shorter manuscripts of my own composition I wish to release.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Archaic Rock Inscriptions: Now Available!

This book is from the same editor that crafted Ophiolatreia and Cultus Arborum among other works, (possibly Hargrave.) Made in the 1890s, it is a fairly eugenics-heavy and imperialistic look at the prevalent lingam-identified markings scattered across Brazil, the US, the British Isles, India, and elsewhere.

Its allusions to the Druids, lingam-yoni worship, burial rites, and archeological remains make this a spectacular guide to the same; honestly it's my favorite thus far of these late 19th century books.

130 pages.

For the Occultists: Red Ice Radio Appearance Tonight 5PM EST/2PM Pacific

I will be speaking briefly on the topic of memetics, occult synchronicity, and the alt-right (so termed) tonight on Red Ice Radio- an interesting media order which follows a less MSM-style format than some; the show begins live at 5PM Eastern/2PM Pacific. When I specifically call in through skype is as yet undetermined.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Letters on Witchcraft and Demonology: Now Available!

This is one of the best single works of witch-and-demon lore ever created; dating to the end of the Enlightenment it is partially historical, partially philosophical, and is perhaps the most important work from Walter Scott, who himself is one of the most important literary figures of his era. This work is a compilation of ten letters written by Scott on the subject, intricately sourced to secondary texts, and is altogether a fine resource for any academic or occultist.

If you desire references to and anecdotes about illusion, possession, exorcism, the burning times, demon worship, or Satan, this is the work for you.

This edition has been rendered into modern English except for a few quoted passages from antiquated sources which Scott has used, which were retained for continuity.

269 pages.

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge: Now Available!

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge should in no way be judged based on its era and type of manufacture. A simple paperback released at the dawn of the 20th century, it's really more of a modern grimoire influenced by the Oracle/Napoleonic tradition than it is a hand guide of trickery typical of that late Victorian age.

Covering charms, talismans, fortune telling, prognostication, physiognomy, mesmerism, seances, and more, it's similar to Hohman's Pow Wows in the 1800s or the Petit Albert of the 1700s. That is to say, a compilation of many types of lore from multiple backgrounds; indeed the similarity it shares with these two works leads me to believe that it borrows some of its content from each. It's an extremely good work; far better than I expected when I first saw the cover and presumed it to be silly.

106 pages.

The Greater Key of Solomon: Now Available!

The Greater Key of Solomon is one of about five grimoires of extreme import; along with the Grand Grimoire, Lemegeton, Black Pullet, and Arbatel. This work, which is technically a reworked compilation from seven distinct Solomonic, Renaissance-era manuscripts translated by Samuel Mathers at the end of the 1800s, is one of the longest and most in depth occult works that actually expresses the goal of being physically used for magickal rites.

The work is quite long for a spellbook; page after page of dense material, combining experimental rites related to invisibility and conjuring, with talismanic art as in depth as that of the Black Pullet. Altogether, while Mathers' work here is less diabolical than the Lemegeton, it is no less important. If an occultist desires a great deal of elaborate ceremony; this is the work for them. In one slightly diabolical turn it suggests that unborn parchment (made from the fetuses of dead pregnant animals) is useful for various rites.

This edition was additionally illustrated by the very talented Elisa Fousteris, as I do not possess the capability of rendering the type of intricate seals within this work on my own with any degree of speed. I only designed the cover and tables, in this specific work.

128 pages.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

General Update (Last One for a While, I Promise!)

I know these updates can get a little repetitive so I will try to do at most one every two weeks just to let some of my more avid supporters know what's coming down the pipeline. This time though I couldn't wait any longer; too many exciting things are afoot!

I have increased, drastically, my work rate lately; I just feel more ambitious and driven, and the slightly cooler weather is giving me a case of the "need to do everything before winter"s. With both Ophiolatreia and Phallism done, I have begun to edit the Book of Forbidden Knowledge again; in fact, I'm a third done with it. This will be a good release; think of a late Victorian edition of the Petit Albert with British and American influence and some post-1800s fortune telling thrown in. Indeed, it's really a grimoire more than a typical occult manual from the era; it even has some talismans in it.

The Greater Key of Solomon is now 90% complete; I am waiting on my artist for the illustration plates- 15 of them in total- once those are put in all that remains is the cover art and it's ready; it's going to be a formidable addition to my catalog, I predict.

Having collected all of the texts released (possibly by Hargrave) in the late 1800s associated with Ophiolatreia et al, I have decided to release as many of them as I can before Yule; probably all of them, as well as a few other works such as the Secret Book of Black Art (not Cavendish' work) which is a combination of simple divination, illusion, mesmerism, and tricks with dice, cards, dominoes, and slips of paper.

I hope to release the Lemegeton as well before the year is out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ophiolatreia: Now Available!

This is one of the most anticipated works I have released; perhaps the most well known of the late 1800s printings attributed to (but not proven to be from) Hargrave at the time; it is a fine compilation of lore related to serpent worship and serpentine imagery.

Relating tales and anecdotal observations from dozens of sources and fixating especially on serpentine images in Mesoamerican and Indian culture (Hinduism specifically) this work also contains a lengthy segment on the mound building civilizations of the North American continent related to snake shaped mounds and more; this is likely to be of extreme interest to those on the so-called fringe of archeology seeking to validate their own theories on the subject.

Intertwined directly with phallism, it also covers the Druid tradition, Egyptology, ancient Rome and Greece and cults there, and spans several thousand years of human history. An excellent work for the occultist and academic alike.

132 pages.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Phallism (Crux Ansata): Now Available!

This work is wonderfully well crafted- not simply fixating solely on phallic worship in the most literal sense, it also describes the typical pagan origins of the christian cross, the phallic inclusions into then-modern christian, jewish, and islamic architecture, and describes the rituals of Hinduism, Mesoamerican natives, and others with regards to the phallus.

A counterpart to Cultus Arborum and other works, and released by the same private printing firm, this Victorian work was created at the height of the British Empire and thus fixates predominantly (but not exclusively) on cultures studied by explorers, soldiers, and academics from therein. Its common debasement of paganism as debauchery when connected to phallism is relieved by its frank honesty about the same inclusions within Abrahamic lore.

It is a priceless academic text; and all that much more precious to me since it lists four additional works released by the same company that I was not formerly aware of; including one on the Rosy Cross; I intend to edit and release the entire series over time.

112 pages.

Friday, September 9, 2016

General Update: Greater Key, Sickness in Hell, Phallism, More

It's time for another brief update, brief because I am still largely working on aforementioned texts.

The Greater Key of Solomon, Mathers' lighter, perhaps more then-culturally acceptable counterpart to the Lemegeton, is entering the final stage of editing; tomorrow I expect to complete this task and proofread it, probably in its entirety, before moving on to the illustrations. It is possible that to speed up the work and provide absolutely original illustrations, I will simply render, in far better quality, the original artwork in the first edition- this would shave a good week off the entire process and allow me to work at other endeavors while retaining the intent of the various seals, talismans, and such of the original copy.

As soon as the Greater Key is done work will begin on the Lemegeton; the most infamous of all magickal texts, bar none.

"Phallism" is coming along nicely; it is now definite that this and Ophiolatreia will both be available before Halloween.

I have gone back to writing on SIH having determined the course of the important 11th through 13th chapters- I completed half of chapter 11 today, and over the next two weeks the bulk of the rest of the story will be complete, after which the last three chapters wind down slowly as the segue into its eventual sequel is performed.

I have several alchemical works to edit also; and another fortune telling manuscript, this one twice as long as the Oraculum and far more in depth than any other; Wehman's "Witches Dream Book" from 1885. This work combines an expanded dream interpretation section with a tract on physiognomy largely adapted from the Secretum Secretorum, and then adds astrology, palmistry, some card-and-dice content from the Oraculum, Talismanic works adapted from the Black Pullet (a crossover that is echoed in the Book of Forbidden Arts) and adds tea leaf reading in brief along with a new "sybil" called the leaves of destiny using numbered slips of paper. This work, as far as my review of it so far, is both more deep and superior to even the Oraculum itself.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Golden Tractate of Hermes: Now Available!

The Golden Tractate of Hermes is one of the shorter variety of alchemical works ever made, but that doesn't make it worth a read; along with Pontanus' and Artephius' works (with allusions infrequently in other materials) it seeks to explain alchemy without all of the symbolism and veils most prevalent therein- a task it performs with some degree of success.

Not actually written by Trismegistus but in the Renaissance, the content here is as much to illuminate other works as to explain its own Ixir-crafting process.

24 pages.

Friday, September 2, 2016

General Update Time!

It seems that "Cultus Arborum" has received as good a reception as King James' Demonology did- that is- a very good one. As such, I have decided to fast track the Ophiolatreia (serpent worship) and Phallism (Crux Ansata) which are two other works from the same printing series at the end of the 1800s. At least one of my literary fans stated that they were eagerly awaiting the former.

Sickness in Hell is still on the tenth chapter. Being more than half done I decided to ponder the course of the plot for a few days before going back to write the next three chapters, which are going to likely be the most important; that's where you get the plot twists and true insanity of the work.

In extremely happy news I have now completely formatted the Greater Key of Solomon and begun editing and proofreading the same; a process that is about 20% done. The real work will begin once that stage is complete because it's a heavily illustrated grimoire and will require several weeks at least to craft the images, let alone to scan and digitize them and make them fully complete. I am hopeful to have the work done by the beginning of October, along with Ophiolatreia, with Crux Ansata and Sickness in Hell rounding out the works I hope to release before Halloween. I have decided that until these works are done, the Book of Forbidden Knowledge, while extremely good, will have to wait until November unless I discover that work is going faster than I anticipate.

I have additionally acquired about a half dozen new works on top of several dozen I already planned to work on through roughly March or April of 2017. My workload is additionally higher because I am completely overhauling my home garden and creating a great deal of content on Youtube, which has now become a sort of side job of its own.