Saturday, December 26, 2015

Principles of Sonic Occultism: Now Available!

The end of 2015 is swiftly approaching and now it's time to announce the final title for the year: "The Principles of Sonic Occultism: Sound as Magic". I'm glad to have finally completed this work, which I first announced back in spring and had already completed by early Autumn, shelving the final proofreading as I worked at editing a pair of works that couldn't wait.

Most occult works which are written in modernity focus either just on history and a secular treatment of magick, or they delve into do it yourself content and have an uncertain view to actual recorded history. With this work, as with its larger cousin "Fruits of Eden" I seek to solve this discrepancy in the occult literary realm. From the Muses of Greece to modern pop music, where is the genuine occult symbolism? How do we categorize the use of occult imagery and sound in mainstream culture? What are these based on? How are they used? How does this relate to society and politics? In this work I've explored all of these concepts and more, putting it all together in a manner which I hope is both user friendly and informative.

130 pages.


Introduction p. 4-10
The Basic Tenets of Sonic Magick p. 11-22
The Ancient Basis of Sonic Magick p. 22-34
Music as a Psychological Trigger p. 35-53
Music and Mass Manipulation p. 54-61
Experimentation: Emotion and Sound p. 62-73
Music Evolving Over Time in Accordance with Evolutionary Principles p. 74-77
Source or Conduit? p. 78-86
Self Manipulation Versus External Manipulation: The Muse and the Berserker p. 87-97
Speech as Magick: Hitler and the Principles of Elocution and Charisma p. 98-109
The Harvest: Paranoid Predictions As a Beacon p. 110-119
Real Versus Fake Occult Sonic Ritual p. 120-122
Conclusions, and My Experimental Sonic Results p. 123-130

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rosary of the Philosophers Update: Illustrating Begins... Notes on Alchemy

One of the illustrations present in the Rosary of the Philosophers.

Illustrating has begun for the Rosary of the Philosophers and is now approximately half completed. Many of the woodcuts present show the typical Sol and Luna being combined; the process by which the philosophical (alchemical) arts are completed. The work explains that for both pure sulfur and pure mercury, the solar and lunar element are present; in sulfur the physical outward appearance is that of the sun while the inward, hidden mercurial element is its true nature, and likewise the reverse is true for pure mercury, argent vive, in which the solar element is hidden within, while it presents its lunar, silvery nature tangibly.

It should be noted that alchemy and most alchemical works (including this one) are essentially steganographies- the foliated earth so often alluded to here is nothing more than organic material (compost) that has been leeched of its saltpeter content, such that the nitrates begin accumulating as a crust upon its surface- a process in altered form used in the production of the base matter from which gunpowder was and still is made (black powder, that is.) A true alchemical secret since such acts were, in those days, little other than wizardry to most.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Coming Soon: December 2015 to Mid-2016

The following is a general (and malleable) list of the releases which will be featured here on this blog courtesy of yours truly, and some of my general plans for the next year or so in my writing, editing, and illustrating. (One of my subscribers confirmed the good overall quality of the Grand Grimoire re-release; which is pleasing- I figured the end result would be a much more polished release worthy of the amount of sales it gets.)

1. The "Rosary of the Philosophers" - Originally translated into English in the 18th century, this somewhat longer work is alchemical in nature and is nearly edited as we speak. It will be the last or second to last work I release in 2015 (My work on sonic occultism is complete and needs illustrating only.)

2. Hollandus' "Opus Alchymy" - A short tract containing three sections regarding alchemical processes.

3. "The Wise Man's Crown" - A 17th century Alchemical Treatise. John Heydon's (sic) "Rosy Crucian Crown" - An interesting alchemical work of largely unclassifiable content, being part story, part notations to those the author felt appropriate to address, and part natural science treatise.

4. "Aradia" or the Witches' Gospel - A work of middling length containing paganistic philosophical references.

5. A re-editing of the Grimorium Verum and Black Pullet, specifically for illustration purposes. Added to this, adding the formerly absent illustrations to several prior works.

6. Several of my own works.

7. Any new alchemical texts I can get my hands on. I have copies of one of Paracelsus' and one of Plotinus' work as well. If time allows I want them done and available by mid 2016.

I still need to acquire more occult works and as always will investigate any occult texts related to me; the limitation of the internet in searching for physical works especially is limited, unless one has a substantial budget- the work of creating inexpensive but attractive occult releases is made more difficult, oddly, by the lack of availability of inexpensive copies of these same texts, and I am in some cases forging a trail that is difficult to forge.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Philosophical Merlin: Available Now on Amazon

The second of the second slew of grimoire editions is finally here; the Philosophical Merlin, produced originally in 1822 in what was then the rising British Empire.

The book(let) itself was mostly overlooked in its time period, overshadowed by numerous French cycle grimoires (The Black Pullet comes from the same time period) and thus attempted to market itself by claiming Napoleonic lineage. While this is likely untrue, and it was of primordial British manufacture, I did note its similarity to the I-Ching and other systems from the East (which were being contacted by the British at the time) and in this manner it is hardly much different from the Turkish and Arabic systems encountered by the expanding French empire around the same time.

Its content is not so much that of a standard western folk magick grimoire, nor an abrahamized treatise of kaballah or similar systems derived thereof, so much as a divinatory manuscript with references to the celestial and to standard horoscopes and astrology. Through the use of this system, the reader is able to denote their general nativity under this selfsame system and proceed with divining their possible future insofar as marital bliss, power, wealth, and possible dangers to their health are concerned.

It should be duly noted that at the time of manufacture, the average literate Englishman was of at least middle class stock, with most of the lower class being functionally illiterate to a great degree; the fixation on wealth, travel, and so forth, present in this work, is a sign of the time and place in which it was made. It also fixates upon the concept of the rites of Venus, Venus here representing sexuality and lust, and makes numerous cryptic references to the acts of Venus here, which is merely the polite, upper class British manner of saying "sexual intercourse" in the early 19th century.

The only other edition present anywhere on the web is a poorly made scan of the original 1822 edition with no additional notes or introduction to explain the text and its context in history, and which has retained all errors in the original material; my own edition is also half the price of this other cheaply produced crap.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Grimorium Verum Now Available

After some time acquiring new occult materials in order to release editions of yet more grimoires, the first of a half dozen or so works is now complete; the infamous Grimorium Verum, one of the more diabolical works within the sphere of such modest-length occult works from the Renaissance through the early 20th century.

Also known as the "True" grimoire, this specific work contains a strange mix of typical angelic or white workings (numerous allusions to the power of Adonay and other divine or angelic names) as well as a limited amount of astrological material mixed in with several rather dark rituals; one involving animal sacrifice, the other involving the decapitated head of a human being and some beans, used to summon a spirit for divinatory purposes.

The work is fully illustrated and edited; I have removed archaic language and modernized it, with a few exceptions for continuity, and simplified the first three illustrations which apparently serve no purpose except to illuminate the topic at hand, because the three marks (or sigils) given for, respectively, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Astaroth, are not directly used in any of the summoning herein. The work can be taken as an extremely interesting mixture of traditional and folk magick, or else as a steganographic work which I explain to some depth in the introduction. Strangely at least one other edition has a fifth section tacked onto the end from the OTO, the Book of the Black Serpent, which is of an entirely different occult school and which no serious occultist would consider as having anything to do with Crowley's nonsensical treatment of older traditions. This edition, obviously, omits this and other occasional attempts by the dishonest to cheapen the work. I have also finally corrected the all-too-obvious problem within the human head ritual, which calls for seven black beans but only accounts for five; the solution is simple- the original passage apparently forgets to notify the operator that not one but two beans are to be place in each eye. This otherwise minor oversight would be a severe problem for anyone actually attempting to use the work in a ritual form (I obviously do not condone the attempted use of decapitated human heads in rituals.)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Forthcoming Occult Titles

Over the course of the coming months, presumably before spring has sprung and I can once again occupy myself with a bit of work outdoors, I plan to release a slew of new occult titles, within the same general scope as the edited works I have already released; with "Sonic Occultism" now done and awaiting its final edit and cover art, and with another fairly short work I plan to release in December or January underway, the time is ripe for stage two of the occult manuscripts I need to release editions of. I will summarize them here briefly.

Grimorium Verum

A long-ish grimoire (compared to most similar works) dwelling largely on black magick more diabolical than even the Red Dragon and probably the result of an occultist familiar with the latter. It claims to date to the 15th century but is almost certainly of 18th century manufacture. I finally obtained the old english translation needed to release it, after not being able to find it for some time.

The Picatrix

Many are familiar with the Warnock translation of this text but as far as I can tell some of the content there is fancy; I possessed an older version some time ago, as I did the Grimorium Verum, before a computer crash destroyed the files, and was unable to re-obtain it similarly. This mixture of magick dwells on what we would generally term alchemy, the talismanic arts, and some black magick as well as white magick in standard form. It is one of the more important occult works of the world, nonetheless only generally available in potentially flawed form.

The Grimoire of Turiel (Or Secret Grimoire of Turiel)

A rather odd work which may largely plagiarize Waite but which shows enough differences to be re-edited into a properly understood work. It contains a series of prayers, sigils, and benedictions. I may or may not choose to release this due to its controversial nature and potential legal gray-area status as a copyrighted work.

Sepher Raziel

Similar to the Sepher Yetzirah and Sepher Bahir in being gnostic-influenced Hebraic magick of a sort. It is more philosophy than spellwork, but is still philosophically valuable for those on a kabbalists' or gnostic path.

Aradia: The Witches' Gospel

A sort of Victorian era work of slightly dubious nature that nonetheless must of necessity be included in any comprehensive release of magickal content. It heavily influenced latter-day wicca. The work is fortuitously out of copyright due to an apparent public domain placement some time ago.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Edited Works Currently For Sale: Grimoires and More!


Click to Purchase
The original manuscript, unbridled from Ptolemy the Grecian's later work. Mostly invocations.

Click to Purchase
Possibly the darkest grimoire, containing mostly folkish rites, including the use of the hand of glory.

Click to Purchase
Conjurations and spells for every day of the week, mostly gray magick.

Click to Purchase
An extensive categorization system for minerals, beasts, plants, and their uses according to astrology.

Click to Purchase
A series of philosophical aphorisms related to the occult.

Click to Purchase
Strictly related to the crafting of Talismans, this enlightenment era French work contains a lengthy and detailed back story related to Napoleon's adventures in Egypt.

Click to Purchase
Mostly a talismanic work with prayers, but containing a pact with Satan as well.

Click to Purchase
The most infamous of grimoires, containing a pact with a demon known as Lucifuge.

Click to Purchase
A standard summoning and talismanic grimoire often conflated with the Sworn Book of Honorius.

Click to Purchase
The famous Ars Notoria, often bundled with the Lesser Keys.

THE PETIT ALBERT (English Edition)
Click to Purchase
The most diabolical French grimoire, contains folk magick, talismans, and alchemical lore.

Click to Purchase
A British work from 1822 dealing with astrology and divination.

Click to Purchase
A series of invocations making use of sacred names related to the angelic.

Click to Purchase
One of Trithemius' foremost works, detailing a simplistic conjuration method using a pedestal, a crystal, and various invocations.

Click to Purchase
A strange grimoire, containing rituals possibly designed to slander the Jesuit order. Through its rites, the calling forth of infernal beings is considered very possible, along with obtaining hidden treasure.

Click to Purchase
John George Hohman's 19th century tract- a combination of herbal medicine, folk magick, and protective charms from the Pennsylvania Dutch.


Click to Purchase
Touches upon Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as basic Theosophical tenets.

Click to Purchase
The premier work of all Hermeticism, containing mostly philosophical treatises.

Click to Purchase
An extremely interesting part-prophetic and part-historical work by Trithemius.

Click to Purchase
A work spuriously attributed to Agrippa, detailing the natures and categories of certain spirits and forces both good and evil.

Click to Purchase
A strange Theosophical work detailing the overlap between the spiritual and such topics as atomic energy, cell structure, and the organs of a human body.

Click to Purchase
A work of christian healing, containing what may be seen as white magick invocations.

Click to Purchase
An elaborate categorical system overlapping astronomy with divine numbers and names.

Click to Purchase
A guide to reincarnation, purgatory, and death in general, from a Theosophical point of view.

Click to Purchase
One of Agrippa's works- this time not spurious. A social tract applauding the sacred feminine, the symbol of the heroine, and female capabilities in prophecy and the occult.

Click to Purchase
An Apocryphal work relating the story of Tobias on his quest (with help from the archangel Raphael) to defeat Asmodeus, the demon of lust, in order to get married and heal his father's blindness.

Click to Purchase
An anthropological work regarding Tuscany, which contains some spells and rites. Charles Leland's finest work.

Click to Purchase
An elaborate work of Kaballah containing the opinions of scholars within Judaism related to Hebrew lettering, numerology, and cosmic lore.

Click to Purchase
An extremely important work within Kaballah with a series of statements on creation itself and how it parallels Hebrew letters and numbers as well as astrological lore.

Click to Purchase
An exceptional and old work, technically a grimoire but mostly apocryphal demonology.

Click to Purchase
The premier work of all Gnostic lore, coupled with the Hypostasis of the Archons.

Click to Purchase
An elaborate system of fortune telling, which also contains charms and divination-related practices which use nothing more than playing cards, dominoes, and other simple things. Pure Americana.

Click to Purchase
A series of charms and astrological divination. Also Americana.

Click to Purchase
One of the foremost guides of the Medieval era with regards to diet, healing, and sanitation. Contains many herbal remedies and sign-of-the-times practices.

Click to Purchase
A longer, earlier fortune teller including palmistry, astrology, card tricks, dream interpretation, and more.


Click to Purchase
Ficinus' philosophical work containing an extremely interesting conversation between a necromancer and Satan among other things, with regards to alchemy.

Click to Purchase
An interesting philosophical work of unknown authorship. It relates the generation of metals to the ascension of vapors and their mixing with other materials.

Click to Purchase
A spurious Paracelsian work of note, openly threatening the enemies of "true" alchemical lore.

Click to Purchase
Paracelsus' work relating the occult to past civilizations and attempting to refute errors in then-modern alchemical philosophy.

Click to Purchase
A series of statements regarding reality and the practice of creating and transmuting.

Click to Purchase
The longest alchemical text; a series of intricate illustrations and partly metaphoric chemical experiments; equal parts philosophy and physicality.

Click to Purchase
A short work attributed to Hollandus- speaks of the creation of elixir, a universal medicine of cosmic capabilities.

Click to Purchase
Mostly philosophical and part metaphor- almost certainly a spurious work of later date. This version omits the attractive but useless woodcuts of later editions.

Click to Purchase
The Transmutation of Metals, The Celestial Ruby, and A Fount of Chemical Truth by Philalethes.

Click to Purchase
Roger Bacon's hands-on experimentation with replicating natural forces to create metals.

Click to Purchase
Details the creation of universal medicine through purifying and processing lead.

Click to Purchase
A series of 100 alchemical aphorisms which detail the creation of elixir.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fruits of Eden: Herbalism and the Occult NOW AVAILABLE

After many months, "Fruits of Eden" is now finally available. Last night I finished the last touches on the cover art, and uploaded all the files to Amazon.

The end result I am quite proud of- I never considered myself to be particularly artistically inclined other than in architectural drawing (which came in handy for a few of the illustrations for the charcoaling and garden design chapters of this work) and underestimated my ability to draw botanical works in a way that would be acceptable for a published work.

The book is 240 pages in length, fully illustrated, with a long index at the end for herbal species whether included in the four encyclopedic chapters or not. The work would have been far too long had all species involved with any occult field been included, since virtually any species is either directly or indirectly used in some manner except, perhaps, common clumps of lawn grass.

Thankfully, for the reader, the end result contains virtually the same information as it otherwise would have (I actually added a bit of extra material during my final edit as well) for a fraction of the price as well; the hardcover-only release formerly planned would have been about four times as expensive for just the basic edition, far more for those that were going to be bound in leather. The final touch of pizazz came with the lettering of the front cover- typically I use a font generation system and don't freehand the title letters like I did here.

Anyone interested in botany, how-to occultism, occult history, or pragmatic garden design (involving methods normally not discussed such as charcoal making as a soil amendment process) will probably enjoy this work. I hate to toot my own horn, but a bit of tooting might be called for since it went through three edits with all artwork made by hand and edited for weeks.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fruits of Eden, Herbalism and the Occult: Coming Soon

Corn; more occult than generally understood

I am happy to announce that as of yesterday the final editing and proofreading of Fruits of Eden was completed; it would have been done nigh on a year ago if I had thought to craft my own final version at the time, but the now defunct publisher hadn't yet gotten sketchy, so I went with the flow and suffered the consequences.

Illustrating has begun now as well; a few of the images are converted photographs and are thus "done" already; the rest have to be done by hand; about 70 illustrations total, of which the first 13 are now complete. These are primarily sketches of species mentioned in the four encyclopedic sections but also include garden design, illustrations of the simplistic aspects of making paper and ink, as well as incense and smudges, and the process of making charcoal for a soil amendment or as the base for homemade incense itself.

My artistic abilities are not as good as those of a professional illustrator and the end result will not be as refined as I had hoped; however they do serve the proper purpose and those I have shown them to are generally positive about my skills (more than I tend to be- perhaps I'm just too hard on myself.)

I anticipate that it will be complete by the middle of this month of October, but at the latest it will be available around Halloween, unless I should fall into a coma or get crushed by a freak asteroid impact- and I hope those who anticipated the work will purchase it (on Amazon, no more publisher nonsense.)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Coming Soon: Edited Works

For those who are not yet aware (which may be most of my readership, since I haven't really talked about it here much!) I have released more than just my own works that I myself authored. Some time ago it became clear that there was a relatively large and untapped market for "people who want occult material but want it in paperback, but don't want it poorly made."

Because much of the less expensive occult content on Amazon and elsewhere was composed of (as reviews frequently alluded to) poorly scanned books which were not edited beyond slapping them together in a few hours at most, and because properly made occult texts sometimes run up to 15 dollars just for a simplistic 40 page booklet and up towards 50 dollars or more for a short book (far more if hardcover or leather bound,) I realized that there was an entire category of people being shorted on such material- those who want an attractive but inexpensive final product.

I set out to complete such a work, focusing first on the infamous Red Dragon (generally referred to as the Grand Grimoire.) Reception has been good enough to justify continuing to edit old grimoires and other works perpetually, and I don't intend to stop until I have released many hundreds of such works.

I am currently 2/3 of the way through editing the Sepher Bahir and will be working on two other similar works very soon; when the three are done (because they have such similar content, I love continuity) I will make a post with links to every occult work I have edited- the list is growing rather quickly because these works require less work than something written from scratch for the first time.

I am no expert with cover design or interior design for that matter, but the products I am making for sale are, at least, inexpensive and not simply crappy scans of existing works. Tip to buyers; ALWAYS remember to use the "look inside" function to check if it's just a photocopied work, which will always be off center, spotty, and contain any imperfections retained from the original copy scanned in the first place. If you want fully edited, fully reformatted, sometimes re-illustrated works with attractive covers, and you don't want to pay for something released by a self proclaimed magister or warlock, then I have what you need, or will in the future.

Incidentally anyone who wishes for me to edit and release an older work (generally speaking the author has to have died a century ago at least for it to be out of copyright) they can mention it to me, if the quality of other work they've seen pleases them. Sales are rising quickly so be assured the flow of new literature will be continuous.

I am working on two new works of my own making as well, and will still be editing the now (unfortunately) infamous "Fruits of Eden." This is likely to come right after the three kabbalist works are done- which shouldn't take long at all.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Psychedelic Spirituality Now Available!

After some weeks of editing and making sure all the included photographic images were properly formatted, the day has finally arrived- Psychedelic Spirituality is now available on Amazon!

This is my first full length foray into the world of psychedelia, prohibition and temperance, moralism versus hedonism, and similar topics, covering not merely (as many works do) a laundry list of substances and their effects, or otherwise merely a philosophical guide with no encyclopedic content, but rather a fusion of the two; I rushed out the release of the far shorter Spirits of the Garden as a sort of teaser for this work to come.

I decided it would be prudent here to merely include the chapter list and brief content description for each.

I. Ancient usage of some psychotropics
Substances used in ancient times, and why

II. The failure of prohibition and why it failed
Specifically, the function of the underground or suppressed free market, coupled with innate curiosity

III. Machine elves and vibrations
Some of the standard visions and theories on psychotropics currently extant

IV. Some common psychedelics
A more in depth description of some of the better known substances

V. Psychedelics as portals to other worlds
Quantum physics and philosophy

VI. My own experiences with some substances
Specifically morning glory and Amanita muscaria among others

VII. Prohibition encourages more harmful, synthetic alternatives
The rise of the synths and why we should be trying to stop it

VIII. Hedonism and Epicureanism applied to psychedelics
The threefold (technically fourfold) views of drugs- hedonism, moralism, asceticism, and epicureanism

IX. Fungus, caves, and other phenomena
Notes regarding some of the more prevalent archetypes of psychotropic mythology

X. Spiritual seeds: morning glory heaven
The benefits of some psychedelics, or lack of risk thereof usually associated with them by some cultures

XI. The Noble Savage mythology; how modernity views its own use and that of the so-called primitive man
An exposition on the use of drug or similar imagery in film and television and its extension of romanticism

XII. Conclusions
A wrap-up of basic points formerly made

XIII. Psychedelic species of note
Brief descriptions of various species

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Psychedelic Spirituality; The Revelation Is Nigh!

The completion of"Psychedelic Spirituality" is now at most a couple of weeks away; but that's not all that's on my plate at the moment; thankfully the new laptop I'm using (which was crowdfunded by my youtube subscribers) is faster than before, and while formerly handling completed texts with large embedded images was a bit of a hassle- saving the files took a good thirty seconds towards the end and had to be done locally and on removable media- the new processing power I have at my disposal makes everything a literal breeze.

First, I must edit and complete art work for the book as well as complete the final section, which I added literally this morning and half completed when all other work was done; essentially a list of about forty of the most common psychotropic species, along with their scientific names, general habitat, and their noted effect upon the human brain and body. While this is my main work at hand for the immediate future I've already begun working on the introductory chapter of the long-awaited Sickness In Hell and a second Morbid Stories. I've got several other ideas for works to begin this year also, and hope to finalize at least two after Psychedelic Spirituality by December.

Additionally, I've decided to return to editing and releasing new versions of old, out-of-copyright occult works; I have only scratched the surface of popular grimoires from the Renaissance through the Victorian era, and those are selling like hot cakes because demand for black magic is at an all time high. With any such work, editing is the easy part, it's the forward and artwork which takes some time; because I insist upon doing at least topical research on the subject, and the art needs to be of at least decent quality; which is all I can achieve with my own means and programs.

This is one of three planned works I have in mind for the topic of psychedelia; there's already a possible fourth, though, that I may write; I'll say no more as I do not want anyone else to preempt me on the particular subject I have in mind.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Teaser from "Psychedelic Spirituality" (Forthcoming)

The following is a short excerpt from my upcoming work which speaks of psychedelic, mind altering substances, their vast importance in spirituality past and present, and all related topics; from the drug war (and its failure) to theoretical physics, as intertwined with psychonaut culture. The trifecta of views regarding the usage or non-usage of "drugs" is one of the backbones of this work, because it connects with such great ease to the vast majority of public conceptions regarding the use of such substances- especially those for which drug scheduling is dubious at best (for example, psilocybin is not actually addictive and marijuana is not actually substantially physically harmful.)...

"Technically there are three schools of thought behind the usage of psychedelics, and this is perhaps the most important part of my own discourse here on the subject; psychedelic literature, action, and speech, falls into these three categories with such a level of ease that they might as well be doppelgangers for the philosophies they intertwine with. We might liken the drug war and its proponents with moralism but it is even more paired with outright asceticism or literally the withholding of, avoidance of, or shunning in some way of materialism. The stoner culture (as opposed to psychonaut culture at large) represents rather a form of hedonism or unregulated variant of pleasure for pleasure's sake. Psychonauts themselves fall within the category of Epicurean philosophy which of course involves not hedonistic materialism and surely not asceticism or moralism, but rather enjoyment of simple things.

These two latter groups at first appear similar until one applies the concept of how substances are used and for what goal. The stoner is most commonly just looking to get high for getting high's sake, while the psychonaut is attempting to glean spiritual or philosophical wisdom from the use of the same substances. The former is unconcerned with wisdom.

That is not to say that the recreational use of substances is inherently “bad” or “wrong”- at this point few people see a problem with the occasional beer or joint- but the manner in which the substances are used seems perhaps less pure or spiritual and is relegated to materialism. While the ascetic applies spiritual moralism (for that is how the drug war and temperance movement arose) or its more secular offshoots to mind altering substances and believes they should not be used because they are harmful on a spiritual or physical level the hedonistic stoner believes they should be used because they are desirable on the same levels. The psychonaut Epicurean meanwhile relegates the should/should not dichotomy to irrelevance and simply does these things for some spiritual purpose, disdaining the other two groups on the basis that both avoid actual wisdom which might otherwise be gleaned from the experience or lack thereof. Just as the moral ascetic may fast to attain a wise state, so may the psychonaut indulge to do the same; the materialist is unable to glean spiritual wisdom because it is not sought at all."

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Occult Compendium

Several years ago I wrote a work entitled Musings: The Occult Compendium. While I was pleased with the content of this work, the format was anything but sophisticated, and the editing needed a little more work. With that in mind I reformatted everything, re-edited it into its new form, and released it here under its new title.

The contents are fairly straightforward; rather than one specific topic it compiles shorter works on related topics; the psychic arts, curses, occult analysis of pop culture, and a refutation of asceticism and why it must be refuted in favor of a more Epicurean ideal. Along with this I included a short list of resources for those interested in the more occult, mystic tradition of spirituality, as well as a long run down on some modern Satanic philosophy.

The original, less attractive work had a more generic cover and was in entirely the wrong trim- an amateurish mistake I made because I was not yet fully used to the createspace design; as well I added a new introduction and table of contents, as well as more content.

It may be seen as a companion to my latest occult work, Occult Philosophy for the Modern Age.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Occult Philosophy For the Modern Age

At last, after two years of writing, editing, and illustrating- my guide to occult philosophy is finally available on Amazon.

I started this work in 2013- for a year it was mostly written but hadn't been edited because I was so busy with other projects, namely "Ashes" and "Morbid Stories." I took the liberty of applying my own digitized artwork to it for two reasons; first, I can work a lot faster than anyone I'd fund to illustrate, and secondly I can absolutely control the content to my hearts' content- sometimes complete symmetry is desirable, but for this type of work I prefer material that more closely resembles digitized sketches that have nonetheless been altered to be more appealing.

The work stands at 198 pages- much of its content is metaphysical, although it applies one general overarching concept to various things within the occult and the paranormal; the basic concept around which most other passages revolve is the concept of oscillation and of evolution as applied to non biological principles; this allows the redefinition of virtually every other occult and mystic concept. In days of old I never realized this, but once it became apparent that this could be applied to occult topics and even every secular topic it became monumentally important to define it- for it is the eternal kampf in its pure form; not the watered down, bastardized version used by racial nationalists but rather the evolutionary component applied to every field.

It is through this struggle, and through many cycles, and through random convolution, that I believe all other occult principles and phenomena operate and manifest; this work, then, describes it in minute detail.

Thus I offer this as my own handbook to guide the occultists of the world in what is, as of now, a sort of guide to my own system and path.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Nonfiction Bible: The One True Word of God At Last

At long last the Nonfiction Bible has been completed. All prior spiritual works- the KJV, the Talmud, the Quran, the Book of Mor(m)on, are all hereby supplanted and invalidated by the final, absolute, undeniable, unchanging version of god's word (Copyright 2015, God.)

As it states inside of the Nonfiction Bible itself, it is directly inspired by and directed by god himself. We know this is true, because the book is holy and says so. Inside, you will find, at last, the true story of Jesus fighting a dragon outside of Jerusalem, of his hippie days in Haight-Ashbury swallowing mushrooms and strawberries, and the age old story of Jonah and why god really had him swallowed by a fish. So too does it tell the true stories of Noah, Moses, Adam and Eve, the Revelation of John, and much more.

Its final culmination; an epic battle between the forces of Jesus and Satan over their favorite musical genres, during which they both unveil their final abominable weapons of war, attempting to destroy one another for eternity.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Coming Soon: We Have A Bible!

In the last few weeks I've been feverishly working on a project to revamp and recompile the "Holy Bible" into a modern format. I came to the realization that all other bibles were full of nonsense and were boring, so I decided to improve them. The author is necessarily listed as god; because its content is thereby absolutely, inerrantly true and can't be questioned at all without a person becoming a hellbound eternal sinner.

When I first started I intended to use the same format as the KJV- basically broken down into the canonical books (Exodus, Luke, etc) and then merely remade to better fit the will of this one male singular anthropic deity, but I abandoned the first draft when I realized that format was part of what makes all other bibles boring. Therefore, I made new sections which better reflect the one true story of god and jesus and the other figures there.

Unlike other bibles it also contains The Tale of Jesus part III: Jesus comes to the Americas, and The Tale of Jesus part IV: Jehovah's Witness Protection Program. It will also contain the cyberpunk futurism of Jesus Part V: The Newest Testament, and how Jesus came back yet again after coming back over and over again before, this time to inspire the hippies and various cults in California.

Regardless of the satirical tone of the work, it's at least as accurate as any other bible- probably a lot more so. Jesus, after all, was basically an anarcho-communist necromancer with deep seated hatred for organized religion; which becomes evident when you observe the contradicting commands of Jesus and the latter-day Saul (or Paul) who turned Christianity into a violently bigoted, legalistic sect not unlike the baleful Roman cults of the day.

I'm not sure yet when it will be complete and I have a few publishers in mind who might like the work enough to potentially release it; if not it will be self published.

Friday, May 8, 2015

After the Ashes: Surviving the Coming Nuclear War

I've already written about this more recent work on other platforms, but I figured I should probably sum it up here as well if this is to be a dedicated literary site for my works.

In the past I've read somewhat apocalyptic material- most of it is prophetic and religious ("War's End" by Wing Anderson comes to mind) or else is dedicated more to survival skills in a general sense without a necessary focus on recovering after a cataclysm that could very well endanger man as a species.

With that in mind I wrote "Ashes" much for the same reason I wrote the still-forthcoming "Fruits of Eden" for occult herbalism- as a sort of measured fusion of material on general subjects that for some reason was never fully synthesized. In the former case, a synthesis of survival strategies and post-apocalyptic philosophy, in the latter case a synthesis of how-to and encyclopedic content with historical context. In both cases a work specifically fulfilling this niche was lacking or at most unknown to myself.

"Ashes" then goes beyond simply proposing ways for an individual to survive and goes on to elaborate on how man can survive collectively- it contains both aspects because both, I judged, were equally important. It leaves the reader to determine how serious the content should be considered and whether to pursue the (often explicit) mentions of other material of worth in such a cataclysm, such as Seton's work on woodcraft for its enormous amount of boy scout style content, or perhaps military guides or guides on basic medicine which might be of value. Instead of producing 500 pages of minutiae in the realm of survivalism (which has already been done and would thus be redundant) I instead focused mostly on philosophy and logically working through situations which may arise after a nuclear war has actually occurred.

I like to believe that the cover design also has a purpose- brightly colored and glossy so that it will not easily be lost amongst the ash and rubble after a nuclear situation has happened.

The tab to purchase this work (from its only central, official source) is on the side of this blog as with all others.

First Blog Post: Official Site For My Books

Three things have finally caused me to construct this blog (which will take some time that I could otherwise be spending writing more books, growing things, or otherwise increasing my ever-growing fan base.) Hereafter, this blog is to be considered the sole comprehensive site with links to my literary material- links posted offsite even on Amazon itself or other literary sites may very well involve third parties which were never authorized to sell my works.

First, I realized that overall demand for my literary materials- both things I myself have written as well as things I have edited which were out of copyright due to age (especially renaissance and enlightenment era grimoires) is higher than I expected (which is good) and growing over time (also a good thing, since I'm in this for the long haul.) I realized that while the occult is a popular topic that my somewhat apocalyptic works and blatant satire have also found their own niche audiences. I am appreciative towards everyone who has supported my work in whatever way they have done so, monetary or otherwise.

Second, I realized that unscrupulous sellers on Amazon and elsewhere have apparently grabbed some copies of my works and begun to sell them for exorbitant amounts- far higher than I myself listed them as. I refuse to allow some slimy web store which was never authorized to sell my material to compound the price, paying me nothing in return, without making it clear that I do not condone it; if a brick and mortar store wishes to sell copies of my work out of a physical store then I'm all for it, and I fully understand the manner of capitalism and the need for the physical work to thus be more expensive than my listing price. For the same store, however, to sell it on Amazon when my own works are there, fed into my own account, benefiting me and allowing me as the author or editor to control the cost, I feel a bit used. If you're paying twenty dollars for a copy of "After the Ashes" or "Morbid Stories" then you've been taken for a ride unless you bought a physical copy from a physical store that you went to in person.

Third and finally, this is yet another platform on which I can advertize my work; for those who have been long-time fans of my various material (video, music, writing, and so forth, sprinkled with an ever present dose of gallows humor) perhaps you'd appreciate a page upon which all such work is amalgamated for ease of use, since some people appear not to realize just how massive the scope of the work is. I am not an author only, but also an archivist of occult material, as well as an experimental "musician" (which I don't take too seriously) and I have seen interest in my content generally grow over time from a relatively small group of fans and supporters to a rather massive number of people connected with my workings, and those of others, such that it has finally come time to recognize that what started as a way to alleviate boredom on Youtube has become a sort of social calling.

I will continue my work in the extreme; in only a few short years all of this has come about, and I'm not going anywhere.

My editing skills on blogger are middling so it will take time to work out the proper format here, also.