Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Dead Have Never Died: Now Available!

This work is a compilation of dialogue (mainly) between medium and spirit, designed to describe the afterlife, what it's like to be "dead", and similar subtopics of mortality. Written from a determined spiritualist perspective, the work reflects the opinions of the author that his own psychic investigations and seances have led to proof of a continued existence after the grave swallows the corpse. Some of the claims made here are quite bizarre, some overlap with Theosophy, and altogether it's a quite interesting work.

169 pages.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Albertus Magnus; Egyptian Secrets: Now Available!

At long last I was able to get a copy of this work (published by deLaurence at the dawn of the 20th century) that was in workable condition. At over 230 pages in length it is a full grimoire initially in three volumes which were first available in the early 18th century in German. Borrowing heavily from the Petit Albert and in the same tradition and lineage as Hohmans' Pow Wows, it is comprised of two distinct types of material; that which is technically mundane (folk medicine mostly, but also some husbandry related entries) and that which is truly spiritual (prayers and, in a couple spots, incantations involving literal demons.) Wherever "t t t" appears it is assumed the reader ought to be making the sign of the cross.

The staggering number of actual entries here is only eclipsed by the strange content of some of the passages: Ever wonder how to prevent yourself from continuing to be infatuated by a woman lustfully? This book has a solution: Just work up a good sweat and drink some beer from your sweaty shoe. Rub some bat lard in your eyes to see in the dark and amaze your friends!

I attempted to correct some of the obvious spelling errors in the work especially in volume I, however since the initial deLaurence edition is essentially a translated reworking already I felt it necessary to leave the somewhat jolting flow alone.

233 pages.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

General Update Time!

Alright literary world!

I've been busy editing at a much faster than normal pace over the prior month or so- this has culminated in running low on material and searching for more; which is great since I was able to obtain a grimoire that formerly was not available in a form I could work with- a notable one, which is similar to the Petit Albert but gets less attention. I am about half done editing it currently, but its format isn't great so it is a slow-ish process.

After it is released (the 240th edited occult work!) I will be proceeding with plans to create a couple new categories for the literary blogs; for those of you seeing this on Blogspot, I also have a Wordpress under the same moniker. For those on Wordpress, of course, I have one on Blogger.

This is great news since I have a bunch of new works also of various lengths and types to edit over the coming years; and that's the span I have in mind- this is no short term endeavor but rather a life-long endless project.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Stars of Destiny: Now Available!

This is quite a good work, relatively lengthy and somewhat dense. It is purely astrological and includes the basic meaning of the twelve signs, the meaning of each celestial bodies' movements in each of the twelve houses, and the categorization of the twenty four hours of the day and what to do (or not do) in basic terms for business, travel, etc, based on the reigning planet. It gives some explanation using astrology with a few charts as well.

82 pages.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Power of Gems and Charms: Now Available!

This is one of the better works I have edited; academic in form, technically, but able to be used in a literal fashion for those practicing the occult, it is a laundry list of folklore and history regarding the use of charms for various purposes- luck, protection, love, etc. From simplistic "mascottes" to the bones of saints and legendary objects, it catalogs an enormous amount of material and includes more than a few charts for the use of, for example, precious stones and colors. Well written and very much worth reading.

105 pages.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Planting, Harvesting, etc, According to the Signs of the Zodiac: Now Available!

This short, obtusely-titled booklet is nonetheless absolutely worth reading for those interested in the topic of astrology; I don't know of another comparable work; one which suggests that surgical and medical acts should be relegated to an astrological timeline. The agricultural tips in here are a bit more mystic than in most works with similar, almanac-esque content, but are definitely fun to read.

At the end it contains a relatively mundane twelve-month zodiac and the basic traits for each sign. Notably, it does include the concept of "cusp" signs (days overlapping two signs.) For example, I am on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. This has significance in some zodiacal interpretations, but is not regarded as valid by some others.

38 pages.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Fairy Mythology of Shakespeare: Now Available!

This short work is partially based on a lecture given by the author some time prior, which was then edited with a bibliographic appendix and some additional explanatory material.

It traces the history of the fairy in imagery from multiple sources to Shakespeare, drawing heavily (but not solely) on Grimm, pointing out the combination origin of Shakespeares' usage, being a fusion of lore from his own era, as well as material from up to some centuries prior. Both academic and interesting, and a must-read for the more spiritually minded theater fan.

31 pages.

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Law of Natural Healing: Now Available!

This fine work is essentially about autosuggestion and its various uses. Since it dates to the dawn of the 1900s, these were profuse in number- it is worth noting that a few of the usages of the same therapeutic means are still accepted even to this day by some, including in some cases, mainstream medicine. Hypnosis after a fashion is still utilized to some degree of success within the scope of trauma healing and addiction treatment.

Less accepted uses of suggestion from this work include curing goiters and lead poisoning. A very interesting piece of medical history!

132 pages.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Abaddon and Manahaim: Now Available!

This book is quite interesting, even though I disagree (obviously) with much of the religious content herein- several sections are dedicated to the topic of the Devil (from a protestant perspective) and demons, and the bit about mortality and Hellfire is, of course, interesting as well.

The author, Joseph Berg, was a preacher, so some of the statements he makes are emotionally charged and come with admonitions to the reader, but his analysis of the character of the Devil and other topics from the position of interpreting dogma is quite worth a read.

167 pages.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Divine Inspiration: Now Available!

It's slightly difficult to classify this work since almost nothing is known about its author (save his authorship herein) and because the content jumps from sub-topic to sub-topic. Indeed, the numerous errors in spelling here make me think that the writer may himself have been only half-literate; not at all uncommon in the early 1900s and entirely forgivable since the work is interesting.

It proclaims the coming end times (importantly, it was written in the era of WWI) and speaks at length on some moral topics- claiming angelic inspiration and speaking briefly on several points of the authors' life. This self-styled seer was, he claims, told by angels that the future era would eventually be marked by a holy and benevolent female rulership (of the 'meek') which would bring forth an enlightened world. While it speaks of psychic work it is strictly pseudo-christian in format. Altogether well worth a read.

81 pages.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Family Companion and Physician: Now Available!

This semi-short work is a fine one, because it combines herbal remedies (the recipes thereof, that is) with what amounts to diagnosis, and bridges the gap between prior works (which tended to be quite superstitious) and latter ones (which were more scientific in the truly modern sense. In the mid 19th century, the scientific and the spiritual segued into one another seamlessly. The incantations of grimoires slowly got displaced by the apothecary receipts of the more recent era. It includes as well a short lecture on health which is at times hilarious, blaming "self abuse" (now known as masturbation) for lunacy and various developmental disabilities.

I cannot recommend the concoctions utilized here in this booklet but some of the species and preparations are indeed chemically active and at the time would likely have been tested with at least some degree of rigor. It is an interesting look at the eras' medicinal lore. One of the best, actually.

65 pages.