Friday, December 23, 2016

General Update: Mostly Good News

It's about time for another update; the end of the year is now very near and my work has slowed slightly as I dream of sugar plums and fairies (or, rather, the burning times, dark spells, and aberrant anthropological literature) but there are several very good things to report now.

1. I am a third of the way through the Canadian Herbal. The (poor) condition of the original text necessitates a more prolonged editing process but caffeine cures all!

2. I have completely edited another combination herbal-and-remedy booklet but have to illustrate it myself; this will take some time.

3. Other probably even better news that I will update everyone on at a later date (but that is highly significant.) Because this is not quite set in stone I won't bother speaking more of it until it is.

4. I have begun mentally outlining the general plot of Sickness in Hell II. I should probably tell you my basic process for works I am myself authoring; I plot it out as though I am mentally imagining a movie, and then break it into what amount to cinematic segments, each then titled, allowing me to use greater detail (because it is being visualized)- this is followed by basic notes and then the story is written.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Herbal, Homeopathic, and Folk Medicine Books for Sale

The following is a continuously edited list of texts related to herbal medicine, homeopathy, and quack doctoring, which I have edited and released. This list will be updated over time as new titles become available.

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An extensive mid 18th century text of folk and herbal medicine.

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A short tract detailing the philosophy of natural magic and herbalism.

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A very good work on herbal and similar imagery in witch lore.

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A WWI homeopathic work of note suggesting the use of small doses of tincture of black powder.

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A combination receipt book for disease and herbal guide.

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A short herbal with a large number of (often odd) recipes.

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A very short tract on the spiritual and physical evils of tobacco, by King James the first.

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A government bulletin listing several dozen common and noxious medicinal species.

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A homeopathic work listing some late 19th century remedies and various species used therein.

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A text that claims to treat and diagnose disease by observing astrology.

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Carey's utopian guide to better living, likening the spiritual and then-scientific.

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A DeLaurence work on mesmerism and hypnotism along with their medical applications. Pure Victorianism! 

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An excellent manuscript covering herbal remedies, ointment crafting, poisons, and more.

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A work on mesmerism and clairvoyance that partially relates them to medical applications.

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A work on sleep paralysis which also describes herbal remedies, demonic folklore, and other subtopics.

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An interesting little essay on the medical application of hypnotism.

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A pro-hypnotism, anti-mesmerism manuscript, with some amusingly dated opinions of the use of the former.

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A treatment of hypnotism, faith healing, and the general history of alternative medicine.

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A collection of diseases, cures, preparations, and a lecture on moral ills.

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A work speaking of autosuggestion and its therapeutic usages, some still accepted today.

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A long-titled booklet of alternative medicine stressing dietary change, exercises, and hypnosis.

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A tract on Mesmerism and magnetic bathing, and its various anecdotal claims of efficacy.

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A short field guide to some medically active species of North America and their usage.

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A short field guide to more medically active species. Fully illustrated.

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A lengthy collection of botanical folklore, often Roman, Norse, Arthurian, or European Victorian.

Primitive Physic: Now Available!

This wonderful text dates all the way back to the middle of the 18th century. Mostly herbal and folk remedies, it is an extensive receipt-style work covering over 100 specific conditions for which, often, there are several distinct methods of cure listed. Some of the remedies it lists are dangerous and as such I will mention here that in no way do I condone or encourage its use as a medical guide.

Some things are mentioned more frequently within Wesley's treatise here; agrimony, chamomile, vitriol, and a few other materials are listed dozens of times; others, such as quicksilver, are less frequently employed in his physic system. Overall, it's one of the more comprehensive guides to folk remedy from its era, predating many similar types of work that came half a century or more after its manufacture.

122 pages.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

General Update Time: The End of 2016 Is Nigh!

2016 has been a strange year; political and social upheaval everywhere, even weird weather, and more synchronicity than can remotely be fathomed by even those of us who have studied the occult for some length of time. For me, it has been a massive success; everything I am doing is far, far ahead of where I anticipated it being even under the most optimistic scenarios.

Before 2016 keels over and gives birth to what I imagine will be a nearly-as-strange 2017 (I envision it will be a lot like 1980, stay tuned) there is one final stretch of work to be accomplished, and it is nearly done now.

I have mentioned before that I will be creating a new category of literary work here for titles related to herbalism, homeopathy, and quack medicine; "Magic Plants", "The Witches Pharmacopoeia", and "Gunpowder as a War Remedy" are already done, meaning one more work is necessary to make it a proper category of its own; I am, at the moment, half done with the roughly 125 page "Primitive Physick" which seems to be massively overpriced on Amazon by those selling editions of the same. If time allows, I will also be releasing, as stated before, the South Sea Herbal, but I wanted a longer and more substantial work (The latter is only about 30 pages) to go into the category with the shorter manuscripts. It's still within the realm of possibility that I have time to release "Weeds as Medicine" but I do not anticipate that until early January.

In 2017 I plan to branch out into several other categories of work also, and finally release Morbid Stories II, Sickness in Hell II, and other works.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Gunpowder As A War Remedy: Now Available!

This little work is straightly a homeopathic one- the claims here made by Clarke range from the probably true to the likely false; while ingesting gunpowder in solution may have enough chemical action to be of help for some ailments (and using it to sterilize a wound makes sense since it contains both nitrate and sulfur) it is not entirely clear that his claim of the same solutions curing exposure to sewer gas (hydrogen sulfide) and the aftereffects has any significant credibility.

Written and published during the First World War, Clarke also claims here that a large amount of his medicine was sent to the trenches- whether this helped with the various ailments there at the time is perhaps still a mystery.

For those who wish to see a digitized scan of this work (for free) I have already scanned my own copy into the occult archive and you can click here to download it. While I (begrudgingly) offer Kindle releases of my editions now, I honestly prefer the old style of simply free scanned pdfs of older works and if people wish to patronize my work I prefer they purchase physical copies of the same. Until the fourth herbal/homeopathic work is complete this edition will be linked under the Academic heading.

24 pages.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Occult Significance of Blood: Now Available

This is Steiner's greatest addition to the corpus of occult literature. I am myself generally dismissive of theosophical and anthroposophical works, but "Occult Significance of Blood" goes deeper, far deeper, into philosophy than most contemporary booklets including others Steiner himself crafted; the only other similarly fine Steiner work I ever read was "The Ahrimanic Deception."

This text delves deep into the meaning of blood in both a strictly spiritual as well as (vaguely outdated) biological context. Filled with eugenic thought, Steiner's work here does not argue against outbreeding like many contemporary works and instead credits and lambastes it as a double edged sword a la Paradise Lost and the simultaneous liberation and downfall of human order; while exogamy, according to Steiner, gave man his true self thought and identity, it robbed him of a primordial lineage memory of sorts as it altered, forever, man's thinking abilities. Such material would later form the basis of many a nationalistic attempt to restore tribal memory and overlap it with modern consciousness, forming a divine intellect and godlike man who could never be thwarted.

34 pages.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Witches' Pharmacopoeia: Now Available!

And now at last we come to a great milestone in the catalog of works I have authored or edited; the 100th occult release (counting a half a dozen of my own works) and the first herbal/homeopathic work here, technically speaking; the very good "Witches Pharmacopoeia" by Robert Fletcher, who combines the Shakespearean with the burning times herbal and cauldron-stirring lore

This booklet is line after line of not only herbal inclusions into magick but contains also some brief coverage of other diabolical work; especially as it relates to the boiling of unbaptized infants or the use of hanged man fat in potions and rituals. You will probably know the latter best from the use of the Hand of Glory.

This work along with "Magic Plants" will be placed in a new ninth category for herbal, homeopathic, and medicine-related works as soon as at least two additional titles are available that would fit therein; likely the South Sea Herbal and "Weeds as Medicine." It will go under the Academic heading until the new category is crafted.

40 pages.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Six Keys of Eudoxus: Now Available!

This alchemical manuscript is rather short, and alludes to Pontanus, Flamel, Hermes, and others, while proposing a six-step sort of system in which the philosophers' stone is made and used for various purposes.

It is vaguely a shortened adaptation of the Rosarium Philosophorum; making use of the general metaphor of the age- coagulating, fermenting, distilling, and other processes are overlapped with spiritual, often cosmic imagery.

24 pages.

The Tomb of Semiramis: Now Available!

Talk about an early Yule gift; Createspace saw fit to finally accept and process this submission two months later; I have to assume whoever had it on hold quit their job or there was a glitch in the system.

This short work is alchemical in nature; it appears to adapt and retell "A Work of Saturn" by Hollandus and describes the crafting and augmenting of the philosophers' stone to create elixir- a sort of metallic substance that melts like wax at low heat (or in contact with silver) and can be dissolved in wine or injected into wounds- that this substance is a sort of mercurial compound renders it perhaps less favorable in modern medicine, although I suppose it could destroy infections.

26 pages.