Saturday, May 30, 2015

Coming Soon: We Have A Bible!

In the last few weeks I've been feverishly working on a project to revamp and recompile the "Holy Bible" into a modern format. I came to the realization that all other bibles were full of nonsense and were boring, so I decided to improve them. The author is necessarily listed as god; because its content is thereby absolutely, inerrantly true and can't be questioned at all without a person becoming a hellbound eternal sinner.

When I first started I intended to use the same format as the KJV- basically broken down into the canonical books (Exodus, Luke, etc) and then merely remade to better fit the will of this one male singular anthropic deity, but I abandoned the first draft when I realized that format was part of what makes all other bibles boring. Therefore, I made new sections which better reflect the one true story of god and jesus and the other figures there.

Unlike other bibles it also contains The Tale of Jesus part III: Jesus comes to the Americas, and The Tale of Jesus part IV: Jehovah's Witness Protection Program. It will also contain the cyberpunk futurism of Jesus Part V: The Newest Testament, and how Jesus came back yet again after coming back over and over again before, this time to inspire the hippies and various cults in California.

Regardless of the satirical tone of the work, it's at least as accurate as any other bible- probably a lot more so. Jesus, after all, was basically an anarcho-communist necromancer with deep seated hatred for organized religion; which becomes evident when you observe the contradicting commands of Jesus and the latter-day Saul (or Paul) who turned Christianity into a violently bigoted, legalistic sect not unlike the baleful Roman cults of the day.

I'm not sure yet when it will be complete and I have a few publishers in mind who might like the work enough to potentially release it; if not it will be self published.

Friday, May 8, 2015

After the Ashes: Surviving the Coming Nuclear War

I've already written about this more recent work on other platforms, but I figured I should probably sum it up here as well if this is to be a dedicated literary site for my works.

In the past I've read somewhat apocalyptic material- most of it is prophetic and religious ("War's End" by Wing Anderson comes to mind) or else is dedicated more to survival skills in a general sense without a necessary focus on recovering after a cataclysm that could very well endanger man as a species.

With that in mind I wrote "Ashes" much for the same reason I wrote the still-forthcoming "Fruits of Eden" for occult herbalism- as a sort of measured fusion of material on general subjects that for some reason was never fully synthesized. In the former case, a synthesis of survival strategies and post-apocalyptic philosophy, in the latter case a synthesis of how-to and encyclopedic content with historical context. In both cases a work specifically fulfilling this niche was lacking or at most unknown to myself.

"Ashes" then goes beyond simply proposing ways for an individual to survive and goes on to elaborate on how man can survive collectively- it contains both aspects because both, I judged, were equally important. It leaves the reader to determine how serious the content should be considered and whether to pursue the (often explicit) mentions of other material of worth in such a cataclysm, such as Seton's work on woodcraft for its enormous amount of boy scout style content, or perhaps military guides or guides on basic medicine which might be of value. Instead of producing 500 pages of minutiae in the realm of survivalism (which has already been done and would thus be redundant) I instead focused mostly on philosophy and logically working through situations which may arise after a nuclear war has actually occurred.

I like to believe that the cover design also has a purpose- brightly colored and glossy so that it will not easily be lost amongst the ash and rubble after a nuclear situation has happened.

The tab to purchase this work (from its only central, official source) is on the side of this blog as with all others.

First Blog Post: Official Site For My Books

Three things have finally caused me to construct this blog (which will take some time that I could otherwise be spending writing more books, growing things, or otherwise increasing my ever-growing fan base.) Hereafter, this blog is to be considered the sole comprehensive site with links to my literary material- links posted offsite even on Amazon itself or other literary sites may very well involve third parties which were never authorized to sell my works.

First, I realized that overall demand for my literary materials- both things I myself have written as well as things I have edited which were out of copyright due to age (especially renaissance and enlightenment era grimoires) is higher than I expected (which is good) and growing over time (also a good thing, since I'm in this for the long haul.) I realized that while the occult is a popular topic that my somewhat apocalyptic works and blatant satire have also found their own niche audiences. I am appreciative towards everyone who has supported my work in whatever way they have done so, monetary or otherwise.

Second, I realized that unscrupulous sellers on Amazon and elsewhere have apparently grabbed some copies of my works and begun to sell them for exorbitant amounts- far higher than I myself listed them as. I refuse to allow some slimy web store which was never authorized to sell my material to compound the price, paying me nothing in return, without making it clear that I do not condone it; if a brick and mortar store wishes to sell copies of my work out of a physical store then I'm all for it, and I fully understand the manner of capitalism and the need for the physical work to thus be more expensive than my listing price. For the same store, however, to sell it on Amazon when my own works are there, fed into my own account, benefiting me and allowing me as the author or editor to control the cost, I feel a bit used. If you're paying twenty dollars for a copy of "After the Ashes" or "Morbid Stories" then you've been taken for a ride unless you bought a physical copy from a physical store that you went to in person.

Third and finally, this is yet another platform on which I can advertize my work; for those who have been long-time fans of my various material (video, music, writing, and so forth, sprinkled with an ever present dose of gallows humor) perhaps you'd appreciate a page upon which all such work is amalgamated for ease of use, since some people appear not to realize just how massive the scope of the work is. I am not an author only, but also an archivist of occult material, as well as an experimental "musician" (which I don't take too seriously) and I have seen interest in my content generally grow over time from a relatively small group of fans and supporters to a rather massive number of people connected with my workings, and those of others, such that it has finally come time to recognize that what started as a way to alleviate boredom on Youtube has become a sort of social calling.

I will continue my work in the extreme; in only a few short years all of this has come about, and I'm not going anywhere.

My editing skills on blogger are middling so it will take time to work out the proper format here, also.