Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pagan Mythology: Now Available!

This book is one of those happy titles that I enjoyed reading for its content in the informational and entertaining sense as much as for editing; it contains two pieces of content- pagan lore (Greek and Roman) first, and then a late 19th century analysis of the same in the sense of its connection to social and political topics- for example ideas such as tyranny, liberation, the way in which a royal court operates, and so forth. There are many examples given and the lore goes beyond the topical and is quite descriptive. The sections on Bacchus and Prometheus are particularly interesting.

79 pages.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Flower Lore: Now Available!

This is one of the most comprehensive works I've edited- a near 200 page compilation of lore all related to the botanical, paired frequently with poetry and Shakespearean verse, with more than a few references to civics (at the time the idea of a national flower was apparently hotly debated- it does mention my own state, Vermont, choosing the red clover as state flower- which it still is!)

The number of references within mythology are impressive- especially Greek mythology and some of the Christian iconography of yesteryear- including of course perhaps the most famous with Saint Patrick and the four leafed clover. As an interesting aside there's one little patch of white clover here on my property that spawns four leafed clutches at about a hundred times the normal rate (must be a mutant) and once I found one with seven in there. Altogether, this is a fine work, and right down my alley as a botanical enthusiast and lover of spiritual folklore.

190 pages.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Tryal of Witches: Now Available!

This little work is quite nice, and comprises two sections; a longer one that is a verbatim reprint of a 17th century witch trial, and second to that a short appendix with a few notations about the subject at large. I have decided to leave it in its original 19th century reprint form, with regards to the proceedings, which of course are in 17th century old English, archaic terms and all, because it is an important primary source document about persecution, and these days everyone should study more about moral panics and hysteria.

35 pages.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Werwolves; Various Folklore: Now Available!

This is an excellent book, full length and in depth, produced by Elliott O'Donnell, a rather well known figure from the era- indeed, I just got done editing another of his works on spirits.

The lore here takes, mostly, the form of various folk tales from various cultures as far ranging as the Netherlands, France, and Siberia- some of them are quite entertaining short stories, and the author (who claims to have experienced several phenomena spoken of herein) mostly stands aside in general approval of the idea of lycanthropes while the stories tell themselves verbatim.

196 pages.