Thursday, May 16, 2024

General Update Time Again!

As many of you know, I have pledged never to end the process of editing old occult, paranormal, and historical works. This is part of a greater, very long term project designed to release material to the world in a modern format at a reasonable price, in order to expand the knowledge of the populous.

But I have been absent for months! A few snags hit my work recently; most important of which was due to my own stupidity- I accidentally forgot to back up some of my more recent edited works and lost several volumes which had been completed and were pending illustration.


Not to worry though! Five works were successfully backed up on removable storage and are still pending the same, and I have just finished editing a (very good) work which uses both ancient Egyptian and Biblical sources to encourage readers to largely abstain from using salt in their food for both spiritual and medical reasons. I have a pair of works now to edit on the topic of sex worship, phallicism, and gendered symbolism within a historical and spiritual context. Many other works await, and the first editions should begin trickling out some time in July. I have planned for ten releases this year, and ten the next, and thus will slow down my releases, so as not to overwhelm my audience.

This is of course in addition to a number of works I wish to author- some political, some humorous, some occult, and the reworking of "Fruits of Eden" which I still consider my most ample contribution to date.


Saturday, December 9, 2023

Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters: Now Available!


From the famed Devils of Loudon to the workings of John Dee, and from Lurancy Vennum to Swedenborg, "Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters" is a fine collection of strange lore related to spirits, hauntings, strange legal cases, and spiritual dabbling. It is a skeptical work, and relates these cases in their historical context with great accuracy, with the writer attempting at times to debunk the tales being told and their prior explanations, which of course tended towards the superstitious. It mixes this with a semi-rationalized endorsement of investigations into the supermundane, by various methods, especially within the realm of psychology and the application of hypnotism, telepathy, and so forth, within a scientific context. It is a truly valuable collection of paranormal tales for the folklore lover.

147 pages.

Friday, December 8, 2023

Investigations Into the Superphysical: Now Available!


This short work by Annie Besant is a compressed basic overview of the then-present state ofthe Theosophical Society, some of its spiritual premises, and a few predictions of note from the contemporary period. It is notable in having been fundamentally correct about mankind undergoing drastic civilizational change in the imminent sense (the work does not far predate the roaring twenties after all) while positing a few reasons for this which very much fell out of favor- such as attempting to communicate with the spirits of the dead. It is one of a few true new age works from the time period.

42 pages.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Hints From the Hornograph: Now Available!


This intriguing work is fairly obviously inspired in part by Blavatskys early Theosophical writings, and draws allegory between the Bible and then-modern events, prophecying the fall of Britain and the rise of the United States as a world power, establishing a (literal) church in Philadelphia- the actual city of residence of the pseudonymous author. It is richly linguistic (read; dense) and so will mainly be of interest to those who like language, hidden writing, and prophecy. Oddly, the prophecy did actually come true; the United States would, in only a few short decades, become a dominant power with the launch of the great white navy, the rise of art deco and the boom times of industry, and Britain would at the same time begin to fracture. Indeed when the language is dug into fairly deeply, it's surprisingly accurate.

This edition has been fully reillustrated by Raven Feather Illustrations

88 pages.