Friday, January 1, 2021

New Years General Update!

Alright literary world- it's no longer 2020 (most of you are probably deeply thankful for that!) so it's time for a general update laying out some of my literary plans for the new year.

The most important new update I have to give is that because I finished my five occult compilations ahead of schedule I am steaming ahead on my occult reference project; this book of books, of sorts, will list hundreds of significant occult works on a dozen different sub-topics. Each entry will include the author, title, date of manufacture, and a few sentences summarizing the content. The reader can use this as a springboard to find works, either copyright-free digital copies, or paperbacks. I have omitted my own editions from the text and will only add a brief section at the end for my five occult compilations.

I am not sure when to expect completing this work; I have a large list of sources for the volumes I am adding, and some sections will be considerably longer than others- I have only listed fifteen works within astrology, but I've already added twenty for herbal and folk medicine, and I am less than halfway through one of my two source lists.

When this is done I plan to return to editing singular works, and release another hundred edited works- the great struggle for preserving occult literature continues!

Here's to the new year!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Black Magic and Spirits: Now Available!


This work is the culmination of years of delving into the diabolical; a collection of some of the most black of black magic, often well beyond merely summoning spirits and commanding them. This is the last work of 2020, and a fitting end to such a bizarre year. The following works are included:

-The Ars Goetia; a list of 72 demons and how to summon them.
-The Grand Grimoire: an infamous work conjuring Lucifuge Rofocale and other spirits.
-The Clavicles of Solomon: Mostly gray magic summoning.
-The Black Pullet: A lengthy story twain with a series of talismans used for various purposes.
-The Grimoire of Pope Honorius: A white magic work summoning spirits.
-The Grimorium Verum: A decidedly diabolical work that includes a ritual using a human head.
-The Petit Albert: A part of the infamous French grimoire which includes the hand of glory among other things.

393 pages.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Folk Magic, Superstition, and Charms: Now Available!


This book is a miscellaneous compilation of many types of occult lore, revolving mostly around folk magic, simple charms, and superstition, including sections on talismans and summoning demons. It includes, as always, an expansive preface tying the material together, and a reading list with two and a half pages of additional works not referenced in the quotations of the volume itself, but for additional study.

It contains material from the Book of Forbidden Knowledge, Black Pullet, Petit Albert, Greater Key of Solomon, Clavicula Salomonis, Secrets of Black Arts!, Oriental Interpretation of Dreams, and dozens of others.

251 pages.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Folk Medicine, A Collection: Now Available!

This is yet another full length compilation of texts and content from texts which I have crafted- I have to say it is thus far my favorite of all the compilations, and deals with medical lore from multiple subgenres.

The first section contains, verbatim, the famous Regimen Salernitus Salernitanum, a medieval work on dietary and similar science, and then proceeds with sections on various folk cures, astrological and alchemical medical content, herbs and their medical usages, and more, compiled from about a dozen different sources, with an expansive preface, a short list of archaic medicinal terms which I thought necessary to explain for the reader, and a section with some other works of note which can be consulted for further reading.

320 pages.