Friday, September 2, 2016

General Update Time!

It seems that "Cultus Arborum" has received as good a reception as King James' Demonology did- that is- a very good one. As such, I have decided to fast track the Ophiolatreia (serpent worship) and Phallism (Crux Ansata) which are two other works from the same printing series at the end of the 1800s. At least one of my literary fans stated that they were eagerly awaiting the former.

Sickness in Hell is still on the tenth chapter. Being more than half done I decided to ponder the course of the plot for a few days before going back to write the next three chapters, which are going to likely be the most important; that's where you get the plot twists and true insanity of the work.

In extremely happy news I have now completely formatted the Greater Key of Solomon and begun editing and proofreading the same; a process that is about 20% done. The real work will begin once that stage is complete because it's a heavily illustrated grimoire and will require several weeks at least to craft the images, let alone to scan and digitize them and make them fully complete. I am hopeful to have the work done by the beginning of October, along with Ophiolatreia, with Crux Ansata and Sickness in Hell rounding out the works I hope to release before Halloween. I have decided that until these works are done, the Book of Forbidden Knowledge, while extremely good, will have to wait until November unless I discover that work is going faster than I anticipate.

I have additionally acquired about a half dozen new works on top of several dozen I already planned to work on through roughly March or April of 2017. My workload is additionally higher because I am completely overhauling my home garden and creating a great deal of content on Youtube, which has now become a sort of side job of its own.

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