Monday, November 21, 2016

General Update Time!

Things are going along quite smoothly at present; due to the sudden coming of snow (far earlier than usual) I've gotten a little ADHD addled I suppose and I have three works not complete but all more than half complete; namely the (very good) South Sea Herbal, the Asuri Kalpa, and A work called "Everybody's Astrology." I figure at least one will be done before November ends, and the other two in the first week of December, with three more works to go before the big #100.

That completes the first stage of my work; but there is an enormous load ahead for 2017; namely at least one and probably two entire categories' worth of work ("medical" will combine herbals with homeopathy, and I envision a new category for works related to the psychic arts, mediumship, mesmerism, and similar topics), as well as a planned massive addition of new subjects to the occult playlist I have made.

This is in addition to two side projects; tomorrow I should receive the three booklets I grabbed off ebay, and with my patreon-based donations far higher now I have the cash necessary to seriously look at some of the better booklet lots on ebay over time and grab a few to roughly double the occult archive- this has been actively planned for some time but until now I had so much else to do that I didn't have the time; I want to field at least 200 free scans by the end of 2017 and another 100 on top of that by the middle of 2018.

The second side project is, of course, finalizing the kindle ebook releases and adding links to them to the categories on this blog; unfortunately at least four separate editions were messed up (I'm good at dealing with createspace' system for paperbacks, but I am not used to the kindle process) and I had to completely redo them. If you do find that any of my ebook releases are not properly formatted, please do not hesitate to tell me here in a comment or by message on my Youtube channel.

I am also happy to announce that more than 120 copies of Sickness in Hell have been sold since its release about five weeks ago- this doesn't sound like a lot until you realize that the genre is the literal fringe of the fringe being self released without commercial advertisement by a largely unknown author of fictional works.


  1. When, do you suppose, will you return to the grimoires? I have been waiting for the promised Faust Black Raven, but it has not roosted here yet. The only commercial copy in English is Blanchard's Black Book of Faust, which is acceptable but not affordable. I have some suggestions in the grimoire venue, but I thought I might see whether this will publish or not before attempting a lengthy wish list. I have purchased most of your grimoires so far and I absolutely love the fact that you publish inexpensive versions. Your translations are quite good and I have encouraged all who listen in our area to buy yours in preference to the overpriced editions out there. Anyway, I hope you will answer at some point. Thank you.

    1. The Black Raven will be some time in creation; at the moment I have to craft the new herbal/homeopathy category and work on a few other end-of-year titles.

      I'll be releasing a stand-alone Ars Goetia and an edition of the complete Lesser Keys as well.

  2. Cool. Thanks for the quick reply. By the way, awhile back you mentioned that you were going to do the Picatrix. You also mentioned in a post that your ecopy had bit the dust when you computer had issues. Which copy were you going to translate or edit. I have a fair number of Picatrix versions in ebooks. Actually I have a fairly extensive library of ebooks and actual printed books, mostly grimoires, and I would be willing to share with you if you require any of these for translation purposes. I am also a translator of a variety of languages, living and dead, but I do not have the time to do this anymore. Back in the day I translated The Black Dragon out of French and sought to sell it, along with my translation of the Enchiridion, on Ebay but got no takers. Sorry for the meandering letter, but I am very happy to see that you are successful in this. I think your work is terrific and I will continue to purchase your work. Thanks again for everything. Mercy

  3. Well I can't use the Warnock Picatrix- it's too recent and is copyrighted; that's why I haven't made an edition, I can't find anyone who knows Arabic or can utilize the German versions. I can only translate French or re-edit old english.

  4. I understand about German. It is a fascinating language, but not one I am absolutely comfortable translating. I may have a French manuscript (in ebook format) but I am uncertain. If I find it, I will let you know. I have a couple Latin ebook manuscripts from the days when I was able to download from a site called Facsimile Finder. The site is different now and one cannot just find manuscripts and get them. Now they sell reproductions and there are very few esoteric manuscripts available. I will, in what time I am able, with work and all, go through my stuff and if I locate some things you might make good use of down the road, I will alert you and send you copies by whatever method you prescribe. I should tell you that I am not well versed on social media, being of moderately advanced years. However, I can generally figure things out if I require it. If there are things you are looking for, let me know. I may have them. If I have them, I will share them with you. Mercy.