Monday, November 14, 2016

Three New Works I Acquired

I was unable to obtain one of the works I had in mind for the archive and release; a scrapbook and partly hand-written civil war era medical quack work with various recipes and letters and other miscellaneous inclusions; the price quickly surpassed my willingness to buy a work I was not able to physically examine for condition.

However I did obtain three quack-era works related to medicine, including two on homeopathy and a third on the usage of gunpowder as a remedy. I will release these works as free scans for the archive as soon as I figure out my new printer/scanner combo and will also craft them into new editions.

from the ebay listing

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  1. Thanks for your videos and books! I had a dream that we were travelling and ended up in an alternate dimension with thousands of books on the occult - and you decided to stay to read them! I think we are kindred spirits since you remind me of someone from childhood! Please message me to connect if you can! :D