Wednesday, July 19, 2017

An Explanation of the Natural Philosophers' Tincture: Now Available!

This manuscript concerns the chemical components of alchemy more than the actual crafting of any sorcerers' stone or elixir itself; indeed, it is the general recipe for the precursor materials needed to work the great work itself. The formula is fairly explicit but most of the secondary content used to "prove" the point is religious in nature and heavily metaphorical. Overall, a fine alchemical work of note, from one of the less well known figures within the period. It is slightly similar to some of Hollandus' work.

37 pages.


  1. Alchemy is interesting. I recently read how Isaac Newton used alchemy to help with his work on motion. I particularly like Giordano Bruno who was a Hermetic and alchemist. I am doing a paper on him right now. The alchemist were medieval and Renaissance precursors to modern science.

  2. Many alchemists find mystery in Cannabis indica a very potent powerful plant.