Monday, November 19, 2018

General Update: Lesser Keys, Phallism Works, etc!

Alright book world.

Our first and most major update right now involves the long-awaited Lesser Keys edition I have been planning. The Ars Goetia and Ars Paulina are already finished and have been previously released in stand-alone form (every one of the LK books is itself a separate document; the LK itself is a compilation of texts following a tradition, sort of like the apocrypha usually being presented in compiled form.) As of Yesterday the inordinately short (nine pages in modern format) "Ars Almadel" is also complete. This work cannot be released on its own due to length constraints (the minimum page number is, I believe, 22 on Amazon) but will be compiled with the others.

That leaves only the Theurgia Goetia- it is a somewhat more complex work similar to the Ars Goetia, and contains a huge number of illustrations. I will have to toy with format for this work, since once done all four have to be in the same style 100%. It will definitely be done before the Christmas season begins, probably by the first week of December.

After that I managed to obtain two of the missing phallism works and will edit and release them after the year changes over- after the Lesser Keys I am taking a few weeks off from editing to compile some more source materials and roughly format them in a large batch, to make subsequent work easier and more formally standardized.

An example of the seals in the Theurgia Goetia. Courtesy of the illustrator, Rita Metzner.

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