Monday, February 13, 2017

The Petit Albert: Cloth, Leather, and Vellum Bound editions from Ouroboros Press: Pre-order Today!

I am extremely excited to announce that at long last, after centuries of waiting, the world will soon be able to enjoy a proper, physical, non-paperback edition of one of the greatest of all grimoires ever penned by mankind; the infamous, notorious Petit Albert; the Little Albert of Hand of Glory fame, now to be released by Ouroboros Press.

A thousand cloth-bound copies of this work are being printed along with 475 leather bound and 25 vellum-bound editions; this fully illustrated grimoire is somewhere just shy of the Grimorium Verum in terms of its diabolical nature, and contains a large number of folkish rites and practices which drew from cultures beyond the borders of France and were essentially cosmopolitan and eclectic. The content ranges specifically from obtaining love and sex, to talismans, to medicinal compounds, to (oddly enough) restoring the hymen and preventing your girlfriend from having sex outside of your relationship. Add this to its recipes for soap and liquors and you have a rather strange mix of magick from the period which would directly, it seems, inspire the late 19th centuries' recipe books and family "physician" manuscripts of such great lore.

For those who were interested in patronizing such a release, now it has finally come to be.


  1. Hey Styx ! If you need some digital images done, let me know. You can find me at

  2. Hey Styx, I've ordered one of these books, but something seems to have happened during shipping, and I haven't received my copy.
    I've tried to get in contact with Ouroboros Press, and got one short reply from William Kiesel saying they would look into the shipping logs. This was around 3 weeks ago, and I haven't heard back since, despite repeat follow-up emails. I hate to bring this to you since it's not really your job at this stage, but is there anything you can do to get my book to me? If you could poke Mr. Kiesel with a stick or solve this in some other way I'd really appreciate it.
    If you want to continue this correspondence in private, my email is
    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for telling me this; I suggest sending another email, my assumption is he receives a large number of business and personal emails and the question may have been buried- I know it happens to me all the time!

      If you haven't gotten a response in a week-ish, tell me, and I'll see if I can sort it out.

  3. Awesome, thanks for the response Styx. I'll try him again and get back to you if there are any problems.

  4. Hi again Styx. Just an update.
    I sent another email early last week, and I'm afraid I still haven't heard back from Mr. Kiesel. That's been four emails over the last month with no response too, so I'm not holding my breath for anything else coming from him at this point.
    I also checked on the mailing address I used on my order, and it's not incorrect, so while I can understand some issues potentially due to the address being in New Zealand, given that many countries around the world offer only limited options on postage to mythical nations, it really should have arrived by now.
    If there's anything you can do, I would be greatly appreciative, especially as I would be keen to purchase more of your content, but am slightly concerned about doing so given the current situation.
    Let me know if there's any other info you need for me too.

  5. I will shoot him an email; I do believe that shipping to New Zealand, though, takes an inordinate amount of time, so that may well be the issue. It takes almost a month for items to get shipped from other areas as well; like some of the MREs I've purchased.

  6. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I know you're a busy man. I'd really just be satisfied with the people from Ouroboros responding.

    Really I should just move to the US since that's where everything in the world actually is in most respects. There's something nice about living in a country that's just insignificant enough so that most politicians can't be bothered being (too) corrupt though, I have to say.