Saturday, June 23, 2018

Coming Soon: After the Ashes and Psychedelic Spirituality!

Alright literary world.

Since I still do not wish to continue editing without great caution I have been feverishly improving one of my own authored works; "After the Ashes" (originally from 2015) now, I think, considerably better. I redacted a few dated portions and replaced them with updated info (for example, North Korea had atomic but not hydrogen weapons in 2015!) and reformatted it. I am now working on the cover and tomorrow or the day after it should be ready; the second edition! I'll keep the first available as well. It runs 119 pages.

Next up planned for around mid July then is "Psychedelic Spirituality"- this work of psychotropic lore contains some anecdotes from my own former shamanistic dabblings, a general list of mind altering substances of note, and some political material associated with psychedelics and the drug war/temperance. I imagine I'll be adding a section or two to this one.

After that I plan to write a couple dozen new morbid stories and split the initial work in two. The 6x9 format currently used for that edition doesn't look right and it would end up nearly 400 pages as a 5x8 work, which is a nightmare to format properly as far as trim goes. Releasing MSI and MSII as a split work with a dozen new entries per edition makes more sense.

Every other work I have personally written will be re-released in a new format except for the five occult works I already did so for last year.


  1. I need to ask you a question or two..

    Where were you educated at?

    Where do you come up with these dead on predictions the way you do?

    1. My guess would be he gets his info from the entities that he worships whom he trusts, but unfortunately he doesn't realize that they're Literally Deceiving him& actually helping him w his own Demise;that's how Demonics operate. He's a good man, but I wish he'd awaken to the TRUTH so he could save his Soul b4 it's too late. I don't hate satanists or anyone due to their beliefs as i go by their Soul energy&he has a beautiful Soul, however I wish he'd allow me 2 enlighten him w the absolute 100% TRUTH of LIFE. I don't want to see him or anyone lose their Soul due to Deceptive False Doctrines,but everyone has free will&can choose their own paths,but he needs 2 really understand that he's so Deceived by his religion. If he would give me time to tell him the TRUTH& then if he still wanted 2 continue his religious beliefs then atleast he would know the TRUTH. He's a victim of False Religious Doctrine just as all other religious people are no matter who they worship. However, Satan is absolutely real as is Christ,but humanity doesn't know the TRUTH about them as I've said,Humanity has been Deceived from the day Man Fell. The true purpose of LIFE is to save your Soul,nothing else matters. This material world aka SATAN'S MATRIX is used to test humanity in order to see who can past the tests to save their Souls. That's the TRUTH & even the "ELITES" don't even have this knowledge, as they too have been Deceived/Brainwashed by far more than everyone else, but they think they know everything. I can't wait to see when they realize that they were the true Sheep, not the masses that they treated as slaves for centuries. Satan hates them all& LAUGHS AT THEM FOR HOW EASILY CONTROLLABLE/MANIPULATED THEY ARE& THEY TRULY BELIEVE THAT HE LIKES THEM WHICH GIVES THEM THEIR EGO& THEIR POWER WHICH IS REALLY ONLY IN THEIR MINDS HAHA!! ONLY WORK ON YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE, NOT THIS WORLD. WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS LIVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE. I JUST UPLOADED SOME VIDEOS TO HELP HUMANITY AWAKEN TO THE TRUTH OF THE SPIRITUAL REALM, DEMONICS ARE REAL & ARE AROUND US ALL 24/7; U JUST HAVE TO TAKE BACK YOUR AUTHORITY & THEY WILL FEAR U.WHEN THEY KNOW U DON'T FEAR THEM THEY LOSE ALL OF THEIR POWER, LITERALLY!!💖

  2. Replies
    1. That's rude to say. What if someone talked about your mother?? Please wake up to the TRUTH & grow your Soul.