Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Extra Terrestrial Evolutionary Development: Now Available!

This is the final manuscript I had planned for March; two days early! Its content contains three essential points of note, combining different fields of theory to draw conclusions from their fusion (the main source of authentic occult knowledge, no less.)

First, that human development is largely able to be categorized into four and, soon, five epochs, using communication and focus as limiting factors.

Second, that extra terrestrials, which of necessity exist in competition along evolutionary lines, probably show similar responses to similar long term stimuli in their surroundings.

Third, that acknowledging these, a variety of conclusions about their likely features and behaviors can be drawn; simultaneously, we can predict the general form of the fifth and sixth human epochs to come. This work then combines linguistic anthropology, genetics, and exopolitics as well as robotic ethics.

38 pages.


  1. Hey Warwick. Australian audience here. Amazon charge 300% the price of the book for delivery. I guess most of your audience is American, but as your popularity grows might be worth investigating ways international buyers can get your material.

    1. Shipping can be a hassle. Barnes and Noble may be able to ship less expensively but Amazon only prints in the EU, UK, and US.